9 сент. 2014 г.

TaskForceCO2 Multi Site Licence


TaskForceCO2 Multi Site Licence
Power Management Software made easy.
Making sure your PCs shut down outside of hours is the easiest way to cut costs and reduce your CO2 emissions and it's easy to do with TaskForceCO2.

The problem is users are either too busy to shut down PCs or don’t want to wait for them to switch on in the morning so they leave them on. Often, scripts and policies fail to do the job because device drivers can get in the way.

Let TaskForceCO2 solve the problem for you.

Everyone's a Winner!

For very little outlay you can get an Unlimited Site Licence for TaskForceCO2 that will let you shut down or hibernate all your PCs automatically so even an organisation with a handful of PCs will save.

With full reporting and all the features of much more expensive power management software TaskForceCO2 is ready to help you save an average of £30 ($50) per year, for every PC on your network.


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