4 сент. 2014 г.

Forex Winner


Forex Winner
"ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" is one of the most profitable Robots ever made. It’s a secret weapon used by traders at Wall Street, big trading Banks and Securities Companies who are making huge profits with it every day. Now you and your clients can have it too and be at the top 5% of traders who actually make money on Forex.
It can generate 500-2,000% profits per month. Login to LIVE accounts and see by yourself how trades are open and closed within a few minutes, not just paper statements or screenshots. We withdrew over $1,350,000 during last 2 years from one account only. And we have more accounts like this.

It trades automatically 24/5 and has up to 95% accuracy. It’s based on price comparison between markets in UK, USA, Japan, HK, etc. It knows exactly the way the price goes in next 1-5 seconds so it executes trades with very high winning ratio. It doesn’t guess the prices like other EA based on indicators, time-frames, Fibonacci or resistance levels.

As an affiliate you earn $600 per sale (40% from $1,500)! After signing up we can give you 10,000 leads and a Trial Version of the robot! We have almost no refunds and many happy clients making profits with our amazing EA. This robot has a very low drawdown and excellent returns. On average our affiliates sell 10 robots per month, that's $6,000 tax-free income per month!

We have made available:
- Many LIVE & Demo Statements
- Investor Access to All Accounts
- myFXbook Verification
- Withdrawal Proofs
- Clients` Testimonials

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