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WinGuard Pro 2014 Full


WinGuard Pro 2014 Full
The Full edition allows use on more than 1 PC and comes complete with a free upgrade to WinGuard Pro 2014 Full edition.


Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery


Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery
Amrev Thunderbird Email Recovery successfully recovers lost and deleted emails from Thunderbird Profile and any Thunderbird Email Database. Simple and smart user interface helps newbee to get quality result with ease.


Amrev Software has used advanced algorithm to make it faster and accurate, which delivers accurate result and does not end up with duplicate results. This tool recovers emails with all attachments regardless of length and corruption in email database. It can handle any type of file corruption.

SmartPC System Utilities Suite -- One Year


SmartPC System Utilities Suite -- One Year
Smart PC Booster provides over 25+ easy-to-use PC tools for speeding up your PC, protecting your privacy and optimizing performance. Starts scanning for possible problems on your computer and fix them for optimal performance. It is a Smart PC Care for an Expert PC tune up. Smart PC Booster work as Registry Optimizers to prevent system crashes & speed up computer. Disk Cleaner & Optimizers analyzes drives and corrects disk errors. Smart PC Booster work as Windows Optimizer for Driver Updater and Memory Optimizer. Backup Recovery for system restores previous backups if needed. Clean junk data and free up disk space. Defrag hard disk for optimized performance. Clean hidden privacy exposing traces. Scan for outdated and required drivers. Clean registry errors. Optimizes registry for better performance. It is free download utility software to Speed up your PC. Try PC tools -Smart PC Booster to Clean, Protect & Optimize your computer and to speed up your computer as normal and remove all unwanted registry errors which resist in high pc speed.


Solar System Scope


Solar System Scope
3D simulation of Solar System - desktop version in Adobe Air for PC.

// Please make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe AIR runtime installed or get it on https://get.adobe.com/air/ //

Model contains:
:heliocentric view with real-time positions of planets and planetary orbits
:schematic and realistic sizes of the planets and distances between them

movement of the planets in time to see how they move in relation to each other - virtual orrery
:planetary exploration with info texts and additional views such as structure
:stars and constellation of the night sky as viewed from a given location
:changes in the night sky during night, month and year
:searching of the stars and constellation, ecliptic line, grid lines and more. //

All future updates are included.

Astro Adventure 2 game project and sound/images


Astro Adventure 2 game project and sound/images
This project file is a complete 10 level 2d shooter that can be turned into an iPad/Mac or iPhone game.  Cut down on weeks of development time with this easy to use game pack.

To make a game, you need to download the free GameSalad development system, load the project and then make your game.

AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND

As New Year is approaching, I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere best wishes to you and your family during this special time of the year.
Wish you a prosperous and wonderful 2014!


NEW YEAR SALE - 40% discount

AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND 
List price: $99.95 - Now: $59.97
The discount is valid until Jan 3rd, 2014.
Coupon Code: XMAS-QLOT-OFF 

AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND

Key Features of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond:

- High-quality voice output
- Voice comparator
- 2-Dimensional voice changing
- Audio & video stream interception
- Compatible with Internet-based programs
- Frequency & formant morphers
- Ready-to-use "nickvoices"
- Advanced equalizers, sound quality improver
- Audio effect explorer
- Adjustable sound parameters
- Recorder
- User-friendly interface, easy use
- Player
- Parody maker
- Parody mixer
- Voice analyzer


30 дек. 2013 г.

AV Music Morpher GOLD


  NEW YEAR SALE - 40% discount

 AV Music Morpher GOLD 
List price: $99.95 - Now: $59.97
The discount is valid until Jan 3rd, 2014.
Coupon Code: XMAS-QLOT-OFF 

AV Music Morpher GOLD
Helps you do almost anything with music: Play, change music and tempo, add advanced effects, remove/extract voice, enhance music quality, mix multi tracks, record, convert, rip and burn CDs, design CD covers and labels, organize music library, and more...


Most-favorite Features of Music Morpher Gold:

- Voice Remover and Voice Extractor
- Multitrack Editor
- 2-Dimensional Voice Changer
- Advanced Morpher
- A Huge Effects Library
- Effects Mixer and Editor
- Digital Audio Recorder
- CD Burner/Grabber/Organizer

Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac


Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac
Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac is a powerful tool allows users to recover lost, deleted, formatted, or inaccessible photos, videos, and audios from your Mac & most other storage devices. With the help of it, recover photos on Mac-based hard drive, external hard drive, digital camera, Android phone, memory card, etc can be quite easy. In simply few clicks, the recovery process will be finished. 

Recover Photos, Videos and Audios Easily

Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac helps you recover photos, videos and audios from Mac-based hard drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera and more.
  • Recover all types of lost photos, videos and audios
  • Recover photos from Mac and most storage devices
  • Preview of scanned photos, videos and audios before recovery
  • Fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion



Why Choose Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac

Accidentally deleted photos on your SD memory card or USB drive? Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac will be your great assistance. This Mac Photo Recovery software helps you easily recover all your lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos and music files from your Mac and other storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, Memory stick, digital camera and more.
"I accidentally emptied photos on my SD memory card. Used this recovery, now I get all my lost photos back. Thank you guys!" --Jordan Smith

Recover All Your Photos, Videos and Audios

This Mac Image Recovery app enables users to recover not only images, but also video and audio files in a safe and fast way. You don’t need to worry about accidental deleting, improper operation, virus attack, corruption or formatting of your storage devices any more.
Most image, video and audio file types are supported by Jihosoft Photo Recovery like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MP3, WAV, etc.


Recover Photos from Any Storage Devices

This Photo Recovery Software Mac supports recover any lost photos, videos and audios from Mac-based hard drive and most storage devices, such as, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, CF card, memory stick, digital camera, etc.
Note: You can directly connect USB drive or Digital Camera to your Mac and then run this software to recover photos, videos and audios.


Preview Scanned Files before Data Recovery

Jihosoft Photo Recovery Mac complete scans the photos, video and music files of your storage device and provides a preview of the scanned files. You can check and select the file that you need to recover from the scan results.
Tip: Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac allows you to preview scanned files according to the file types or format types.


Fast Recovery Speed and No Data Damage

Photo Recovery for Mac is the easiest and safest software to recover accidental lost photos, videos and audios. It scans any Mac-based hard drive and other storage devices without destroying any data, and then lets users to get back their data in no time at all. In addition, all the recovered files keep the original file names and storage paths.


Disketch Disc Label Software


Disketch Disc Label Software
Use Disketch to create CD and DVD labels as well as cover images for jewel cases. You can import your own artwork, or set a simple background color and organize artist information along with track lists.


Binfer. Send Large Files Easily - 40GB Bundle


Binfer. Send Large Files Easily - 40GB Bundle
Binfer is file transfer software for sending and receiving large files without uploading them on any servers.

With Binfer you can:
- Send large files like HD video, pictures, documents, etc to anyone over the internet
- Receive big files directly to your computer from anyone, via a web browser
- Eliminate large email attachment issues
- Eliminate the cost and complexity of FTP clients and servers
- Transfer at super-fast speeds
- Preserve the privacy and confidentiality of your documents
- Improve your productivity with the simplicity of email, power of FTP, and security of VPN

Key Features:
- Direct computer to computer transfers with desktop application
- Send from Binfer and receive on iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets etc (Web Pickup)
- Receive files from your website directly to Binfer (Web Drop)
- Drag and drop folders
- Advanced reports
- Send and receive from behind firewalls and NAT devices
- View live transfer status
- Private chat
- AES 128 bit encryption
- Auto resume of interrupted transfer
- Files can be as large as your operating system allows
- No malware or spyware
- Easily transfer files between Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Binfer is very safe and secure.
- Transfers are between connected contacts only
- Files are not stored on our servers
- Option to send encrypted transfers
- Reports show detailed information of each transfer
- Developed using Java (one of the most secure programming languages)

There is no other software in the world that makes the mundane job of sending and receiving large files so easy & fun.
DOWNLOAD NOW and save time and money.

29 дек. 2013 г.

G-Lock Email Processor


G-Lock Email Processor
Introducing G-Lock Email Processor - powerful message parser and data extractor that individuals and organizations can use to automate their business processes and save their time and money!

G-Lock Email Processor can handle purchase orders, messages where the text layout is known (web forms), bounced emails, subscribe/unsubscribe emails, auto replies or any kind of messages of a specific format you may receive.

Using our G-Lock Email Processor you can read messages from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes, filter the messages by different conditions, extract any data from the message body, message header, and text attachments and save the data to a file of the user definable format.

In addition, G-Lock Email Processor can insert extracted data into your local or remote database, update the database or delete records from the database based on the extracted data. The program can work with any ODBC compatible database.

G-Lock Email Processor provides you with the ability to develop a set of rules that determine how you want to process your incoming messages.

You can use it to read incoming messages from multiple sources (POP3 and IMAP accounts including accounts which require SSL connection) and perform multiple automated actions in response to those messages.

Cheque Factory


Cheque Factory
Cheque Factory is a simple program that will assist you in creating and printing your checks in three languages Arabic, English or French. This software may also be used to easily create labels or tickets with support for several types of barcodes, business cards and other documents to be printed.


A wizard of a particularly simplified use will guide you during the design of your checks and documents to print:
• Direct acquisition of document images from a scanner, (easy positioning and resizing of check elements with drag & drop).
• Choose the custom print size directly from the software.
• Drag images from Windows Explorer or insert shapes and drawings from MS Word.
• Sign your documents directly with the mouse.
• Data can be transferred back and forth to/from the application in formats like Text file, Xbase, FoxPro, Excel and MS Access or MySQL databases to make it easy to work with other applications.
• You can export your document to several graphics file formats (standard file formats are supported).
• The access to the software can be protected by password to prevent unauthorized access.
The getting started of the software is made easy by:
• Detailed help integrating several screenshots.
• Animated tutorials and user manual in PDF that can be downloaded and loaded from the application.
The trial version is fully functional for 10 days.
The program is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and can update itself.

SyClone Wizard


SyClone Wizard
With SyClone Wizard, only a few simple steps and your hard drive is cloned, Backed up, or Copied, without losing a single Desktop setting, Personal preference, or Application setting. All of your vital data is copied bit for bit. No reinstalling, no data loss, no headaches or hassles!

Winner+ Server Rent 25


Winner+ Server Rent 25
Use BulkEmail option in Winner+ for sending marketing campaigns, brochures, presentations, advertises or animated greeting cards to selected group with each members personal email-id and name.

Though this feature is already available in outlook express the speed of sending mails gets reduced with the size and number of images. Secondly you have to use cc or bcc for bulk mailing.

HTML knowledge is NOT required for sending emails through Winner+

Mails can be created in three formats:
1. Plain Text (*.txt) - No formatting allowed
2. Rich Text (*.rtf) - Only text formatting allowed
3. HTML Text (*.htm) - Hyperlinks & Images allowed

Inserting any number of images of any size will not affect the speed of sending mail. Only attachments if any will reduce the speed depending on file size.

Tick on Use common Email Settings to use



WinNc is a tabbed file manager especially developed for Windows 8 (works on 7).

It also works on the older versions of Windows. This NC clone file manager is inspired on the dual panel idea of the old file manager Norton Commander. It has shortcuts to all the Windows 7 and 8 special folders and the tabbed interface allows you to organize your data by project. Projects can include virtual links to files and folders from all over the disk that are related to that project tab. With a new Windows 8 interface WinNc can do all the basic tasks you expect from a file manager like copy, move, delete, compress, uncompress and create links. But WinNc also converts audio, burns files on dvd and cd, creates iso files and you are able to synchronize your files. From zip files it allows the creation of self extraction .exe files.

File actions in WinNc

Fileactions in filemanager WinNcWinNc uses logical colors for the file actions so you can see if a file is being copied (Green), being moved (Orange) or being packed (Yellow). WinNc allows you to perform multiple tasks by setting the maximum parallel tasks to more than one task. Otherwise WinNc will wait to start the new action until the previous action has finished. There is a built in file viewer supporting all the popular formats. It has a built in slideshow viewer, an audio player and a video player for quickly browsing through your media.

Registering WinNc

WinNc can be run for unlimited time and can be freely downloaded and distributed from our website. Registering WinNc costs € 29.95 for a single user license. Registering will grand you support by mail and from the helpdesk and will unlock the options panel for more features and customisation. Registering will allow you to live-update your version 6 through the internet. Multiple licenses and company licenses are available through our website.

Email Recovery


Email Recovery
Email Recovery recovers both eml (Email) and rss (Feed) type file formats. Sometimes when using your favorite email program maybe you pressed CTRL-A (Mark All) followed by CTRL-X (Delete all marked items). oops, Email recovery will attempt to recovery those files.

USD Drive 1 Life Time License


USD Drive 1 Life Time License
Drive Expert Advisor is expanding its inner circle. It is a rare opportunity of tagging along players who make a steady income trading Forex, by using one of the most reliable robot on the market. Knowing a couple of things about what USD Drive is all about should be enough to convince you to jump on the bandwagon and start earning.

Just like its Yen Drive counterpart, this robot trades in several major currency pairs such as EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and GBPUSD. It also follows short term trends and buys or sells, with the risk level acceptable to user’s. The beauty of USD Drive is that it can make you completely independent, by allowing you to make a steady income without relying on anyone.

Don’t pay a lot of money to self proclaimed experts, or trust brokers blindly, because this Forex robot can provide you with all the instruments you need to stay profitable. The ugly truth is that many brokers are thriving at the expense of their clients, whom they are tricking in so many ways that the latter are virtually defenseless. Stop hunting is just one of the ways they manage to increase their profits at your expense and many beginners are not aware of the obstacles that prevent them from placing stop loss orders and trailing stop orders.
USD Drive expert advisor was created to serve users that have an impressive bankroll and beginners as well, so a low startup shouldn’t have a deterring effect on your resolve. The costs of trading are low and when you own such a powerful robot, you don’t feel the need of asking anyone for paid advice or contract other services.

Why pay for forex signals that are not reliable and lose money twice, when USD Drive can help you extract profit from falling and rising prices ? On the Forex market you can trade small or big and never risk more than you can afford to lose, although there is no such thing as losing when you count on Drive Expert Advisors and its products.

Other people fear volatility and stay away from potentially lucrative deals because they don’t know how to handle these moments. Fortunately for those who use USD Drive regularly, these moments of intense volatility are excellent opportunities to increase their profit margin and rake considerably more than what they accomplish in normal conditions. There are risks attached to this kind of action, but when everybody loses money or stays away from the trades, this robot will effectively make money.

USD Drive – Hot Forex Real Money
16 months Live Trading Gain 91.95%,
10072 pips +

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PC Shower 2014


PC Shower 2014
CNET Editors' review
by: CNET staff on December 18, 2011
It's hardly uncommon to stumble upon Web sites that leave you feeling like you need to take a shower, but keeping your PC clean and free of junk files, invalid registry entries, and other issues pays off in not only enhanced security but also increased performance. Add in a variety of tweaks, tune-ups, and other system utilities and you have a versatile PC toolkit. That's what you get with Arafasoft's PC Shower 2011. It's a free bundle of useful tools for cleaning and tuning your PC. Unlike many free versions of premium tools, it actually cleans what it finds without requiring paid upgrades.


PC Shower 2011 bundles several tools, including Registry Cleaner, Internet Cleaner, and Disk Cleaner. Each tool offers plenty of information about what it's doing and lets you deselect any item. The registry scan is thorough. Since registry cleaners can cause problems if used carelessly, we carefully reviewed the scan's findings. Seeing no red flags, we proceeded with the cleaning, though we were much relieved when the program automatically backed up our registry before doing the job. The disk scanner found a variety of junk files, mostly in our browser and temporary file caches. Again, the scan displayed a lot of information and gave us the opportunity to deselect items, and it did its job quickly. PC Shower packs in many other tools common to similar packages, including a broken-shortcut scanner, startup tuner, disk checker, and uninstaller. We could also enable password protection and change the interface language to several choices. We didn't try the Turbo Booster feature, which temporarily shuts down background processes and dedicates maximum resources to the CPU and RAM for gaming and other high-performance applications.

iPubsoft PDF to Word Converter


iPubsoft PDF to Word Converter
iPubsoft PDF to Word Converter - Superb to Convert Adobe PDF to MS Word DOCX Precisely! Thirst to alter PDF files? iPubsoft PDF to Word Converter is a handy tool to convert read-only PDF documents to editable Word format in a blazing-fast way! It is easily accessible to edit text on your Word document after converting. The standalone software lets you effortlessly convert PDF files to MS Word DOCX format for enhanced conveniences and ready processing.
- 1-click for instant conversion! Save your time!
- Fundamental info display of the PDF like size, pages, status?
- Preview with a special thumbnail window for accurate conversion.
 - Quickly batch conversion and user-oriented partial conversion.
Batch & Partial Conversion Multiple PDF files can be imported at an extraordinary speed and convert in a batch! Even the converter allows you to specify the page range and convert partial chapters, contents, pages of sorts to meet your different demands! Ingenious Preview Function Thumbnail display lets you benefit more! User-oriented preview feature makes the PDF to Word Converter an outstanding office & daily companion. Refreshing & Friendly User Interface Distinct buttons, fonts and crisply designed user interface is elaborately prepared to heighten your user experience! So many comforts are contributed to you! Cannot-be-Easier Operations! Load Files, 1-Click Convert! Simplest way to import files & folders and feel at ease to manage your Adobe PDF docs by deleting, clearing, selecting, moving files on your demands, the gear buddy lets you convert files with merely 1 hit and get the results in no time!


1AVCenter Full Edition


1AVCenter Full Edition
With 1AVCenter you can record your entire screen or part of it directly to AVI or WMV, capture screenshots in JPG, share your screen over the internet, monitor your webcam or desktop remotely, broadcast your webcam, record audio from any source into WAV, WMA or MP3, capture video from your tv tuner card and external devices, capture video from web browsers and media players DRM free, share your media files on your own personal web site, send media files by e-mail, or upload them via FTP.


It combines the functions of five different programs with a vast sphere of use: capturing videos and screenshots, recording audio from any source, remotely monitoring the webcam, the desktop or the microphone during your absence, broadcasting your webcam or screen in real-time, and also publishing a secure web site right from your PC for you to share your files. The program can also send media and photo files to multiple e-mail addresses with one click and back up all software settings to a single file that you can restore later. 1AVCenter generates media in well-known formats: JPG, AVI, WMV, WAV, and WMA. Users will have no restrains in their work with 1AVCenter and no difficulty operating it due to its intuitive interface. It also works perfectly with Windows Media Player, as well as YouTube, Google Video, RealPlayer, WinAMP, etc. 1AVCenter fully supports Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Media Center, 2003 and Vista-32.

1AVCenter is perfect for those who like to capture and record video and audio from all over the world and from any sources DRM free, for personal site owners, for business-people who have to be present at several meetings at once (the program provides live audio and video broadcasting in real-time, and can create presentations by recording and narrating screen activity), for home-owners and business-owners that need to monitor their web cam or desktop remotely, and simply for those who enjoy sharing photos and videos with family and friends.
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