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Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite

Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite
Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite of 3 Informative and Resourceful Software.

1.Nationwide Newspaper Database Software with Powerful classified advertising tool features a database of 5,200 newspapers. Discounted nationwide advertising and more...

2.Home Based Business Software with Insiders Step-by-Step Guide to starting and operating a successful M.O. Internet business selling information.

3. MIP Mortgage Insurance Premium Software for learning how to work-at-home as a 3rd Party Government Tracer processing mortgage refunds! With well kept secrets, how to info, tools, forms and resources. This suite of softwares come with full websites packages, tutorial tours and host of advertising, graphics and learning tools and materials.

Flash Card Maker

Flash Card Maker
Create your own Flash Card Program in minutes! Flash Card Maker is a software factory that allows you to generate your own Flash Card Programs. No programing knowledge or skill is required. Share your generated software with others! Flash Card Software generated with Flash Card Maker can be used for personal study, shared with others, or even sold. Parents, students and teachers will find this tool to be of great value. Within minutes, parents can create flash cards for their children. Since the generated software uses techniques that allow everyone to learn at their own rate, learning will be customized for each child. Students can benefit greatly by easily turning their notes into powerful flash cards. Study time will become more effective, and scores will improve. Teachers will also find this tool to be an invaluable resource. Teachers can freely distribute the software that they generate to all their students without need to purchase copies or licenses. Software generated from Flash Card Maker uses proven learning methods such as the Leitner System. Generated Flash Card software relies on the spacing effect which allows information to be reviewed at increasing time intervals to help one more easily remember what has been learned. Studies show that humans tend to forget half of newly learned concepts in just a few days if they do not review what they have learned. Spaced repetition based on active recall is the best way to reduced the effects of the forgetting curve.


Edupioneer is a professional scientific and educational typesetting software that contains word processing and graphics processing. It is famous for its generalized design and editing mode of WYSIWYG. It is designed for individuals who work in the first-line of science, technology and education, such as teachers, instructors, professors, researchers and etc. You can not only input math formulas, chemical formulas and other complex technical text and symbols by the keyboard directly, but also draw various geometric graphics, lab experiment setups, mechanics, electronics and optics and other physical graphics, even some complex mechanicals, construction engineering design graphics. EduPioneer makes it possible for anyone to create a needed documentation.

A Musical Tutorial

A MUSICAL TUTORIAL Sight Read: Identify notes that appear on a staff. Sight Read Drill: Read notes in the time provided. In Continuous Mode mentally identify notes. Piano Keys: Identify notes on staff by clicking correct piano key.
Scales: Display scales/broken chords as they play. Step Mode plays/displays one note/chord at a time, displaying on keyboard.
Key Signatures: Identify/read/display major/minor key signatures.
Chords: Identify chords, ie., major/minor, dom7, maj7, dim7, m7, aug, dim, etc.
Chord Dict: Display chords & inversions on staff & keyboard, ie., major/minor, dom7, maj7, dim7, m7, aug, dim, etc.
Studio Mode: Enable/Disable Studio Mode, User Sign-in, Detailed User/Student Tracking, Password Protection & Specify Password Items.
Note Game: Notes travel across staff, when you identify a note, a rocket appears which you drag/launch to intercept, jettisoning it into Beethoven's music book.
Drive Game: Notes go across staff, after correctly identifying note a race car starts up, drag the race car to the note driving it away.
Music Symbol Game: Drag musical terms to the correct symbol & a garbage truck hauls it away.
Piano Key Game: Keys play randomly; when it stops, identify note and weather its sharp or flat. Intervals: Identify intervals by ear from unison to perfect 8th, 3 Modes lets you identify intervals by ear/sight or display.
Rhythm: A rhythm plays; pick the correct answer from one of four. Select 4/4, 3 /4 & 2/4 timing. Note ID: Identify note played by clicking the keyboard. Play middle C as a reference. Hints given as desired.
Scale ID: Play scale & identify it as being major, minor harmonic or minor melodic. Setup: Choose from 4 user levels & choose naturals/sharps/flats or mix.
User Log: View Quick Log or Detailed Log with sort/print abilities, recording the last 100 activities of 75 users.
Printing: Empty staff, scales/chords & sight reading tests. Print Text String allows individualized text on printouts.
Language: Input/use note names in different language. Currently there is a Registration Incentive limited time offer for a free copy of Math Flight and Weekly Speller, educational math and spelling software, when you register A Musical Tutorial.


Thank you for choosing NoteCard. We wish you every success as you embark on a new phase of your musical studies.
Your License Code: A License Code will be sent to you by email shortly after your payment is approved. If you have already downloaded and installed NoteCard, the code is all you need to permanently enable all the features of the software. Simply enter your name and paste the code into the spaces provided the next time you run NoteCard. Downloading: If you have yet to download and install NoteCard, a download link will be provided upon completing your order, or you can use the prominent Download Now links on AheadWithMusic.com. NoteCard currently supports computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista or later.

SpyReveal Counter Surveillance Scanner

SpyReveal Counter Surveillance Scanner
Do you instant message, bank online or write important business reports on your computer? Do you ever have the feeling that your X knows things they shouldn't? Now's your chance to be proactive with SpyReveal, the only dedicated spy detector on the market. With SpyReveal you can find commercial spy software on your computer and take action before it's too late.
* Find Spy Software that can record every keystroke.
* Disable or Eradicate detected spy software.
* Save the results to a text file for future reference.
* Find out when a spy program was installed.
* Prioritized & unlimited email customer service.
* 1-click update for both the database and program.
* Lifetime updates
* Scan your system against the largest commercial spy database on the planet!


Experience the power of Pop Up Blocker Pro and Spyware Detector. This revolutionary software product protects users from the intrusive pop-up ads, Messenger Service spam, Flash ads, and banner advertising that continue to plague the Internet. It also blocks ads from programs such as Kazaa and Morpheus, as well as ads from chat programs such as ICQ, AIM, Trillian, and MSN Messenger.

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TrioConverter is a shell extension utility to convert image formats,it supports jpg,png,gif,bmp,tif,wmp formats. And it also provides functions to rotate/flip images, change image file size and add user defined watermark on images

USB HID Logger

USB HID Logger
More and more devices that support the HID data exchange interface have been appearing lately. It can be laboratory, measurement or medical tools, barcode, RFID or fingerprint scanners, UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies). It is not always that software supplied with these devices offers the necessary features. This program is intended to supplement or completely replace the "native" software. USB HID Logger - real-time data logging from USB HID devices (instruments, power supplies, telephony devices, thermometers, etc.)

Aviosoft Video Converter Professional

Aviosoft Video Converter Professional
Video Converter Professional is a powerful updated version for Video Converter Free.
Besides converting most known video files such as *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *.M1V, *.MPV2, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB file to MP4 for Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Sony PSP, 3GP for mobile phones and AVI for other media players as Video Converter Free, there are many new amazing functions in Video Converter Professional.
Go to below for details.
* Clip: You can clip any part of your preferred movie and convert it into MP4, 3GP or AVI formats for your portable devices.
* Crop: You can crop the video picture size as you like.
* Merge: You can merge your desired video files into one.
* Sync: Support to sync to Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone/PSP.
* Online Upgrade: Support online upgrade anytime, letting you keep the latest version all the time!
* YouTube Video Download: Support to download video files from YouTube and Yahoo!
* Support High-Definition (HD) video as Input and Output files
* Extract audio from video file and convert audio to MP2, MP3, AAC, and AC3.
* There is no time limit to convert, clip, crop and merge video files.
* Support Windows 7/Vista/XP
* Real-time display the whole conversion process with detailed info
* Support batch conversion at the same time
* Freely specify output path
* Quickly open output folder and access converted file
* User-friendly interface with easy and straight operation steps

iPhone USB Drive

iPhone USB Drive
Having problem with accessing iPhone via USB? Now iPhone USB Drive has arrived for helping you out of trouble. iPhone USB Drive from Aviosoft is a small but useful utility to enable you transfer files and folders via USB between your device and your PC. So you can treat your iPhone as a hard drive and save any files and folder on it.
iPhone USB Drive fully supports all iPhones including iPhone OS 3.1, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS. It is not only a useful transfer but also a perfect manager for your iPhone which can easily realize iPhone management on PC like folder creation, renaming, file deleting, etc.

Main Features

USB file transfer
You can access iPhone directly with USB connected to select any file or folder to transfer between iPhone and PC.
High compatibility
All iPhones are supported, including iPhone V1, 3G, 3GS.
Auto detection
iPhone could be auto detected once it was connect to PC with USB connector.
High transfer speed
Copying files between your iPhone and PC is faster than any other software.
Batch copying supported
It allows you to transfer or copy files or folders in batch. So just one step, you could finish all files which you want to transfer.
Folder management
Your iPhone files or folders will be listed in the directory or subdirectory, thus you can easily manage them with renaming, deleting, folder creating, etc.
Detailed information displayed
This smart software could display the detailed information of the files or folder on your iPhone, such as deviceâ??s r free memory, file type, folder name, etc.
Support iPhone OS version from 1.1.1 to 3.1.2.

Video X Converter

Video X Converter
Video X Converter from DVD X Studios, a powerful but easy to use multimedia file conversion utility, converts video, music, photo on Windows PC to fit for most popular portable devices. Expanding your multimedia entertainment, Video X Converter realizes you to freely enjoy video, music, photo on PC, MP3 player, MPEG4 device, Sony PSP, Apple iPod, PMP and 3G smart phone. Possessing Video X Converter, you will have a wonderful and extensive digital entertainment life. Convert Video: You can convert *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *M1V, *MPV2, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB file to AVI-MPEG4, ASF-MPEG4, MP4-MPEG4, PSP-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4, AVI-DIVX file. You can also split a large file into smaller video clips to fit your device memory. Convert Music: You can convert all files with audio to MP3 format. You can directly convert audio file, or extract sound tracks from video and save as MP3 format. Convert Photo: You can convert pictures such as *. BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TIF, *.PNG to JPEG format.

Key Features Support multiple video file conversion, including *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *M1V, *MPV2, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB Convert video file as AVI-MPEG4, ASF-MPEG4, MP4-MPEG4, PSP-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4, AVI-DIVX Split a large video file into smaller video clips to fit your device memory Convert audio file as different MP3 format Extract sound tracks from video and save as different MP3 format Support *.BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.TIF, *.PNG image file conversion Playback added video/music file directly User-friendly interface with easy and straight operation steps Compliant with most popular digital portable devices on the market, such as MP3 player, MPEG4 device, Sony PSP, Apple iPod, PMP or 3G smart phone

AV Audio Converter

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The discount is valid from Nov 26th, 2012 through Dec 6th, 2012

AV Audio Converter
AV Audio Converter is a specialized program for converting audio files from one format to another. This tool is highlighted for its user-friendly, yet professional interface.

Easy-to-use interface
Input separate files one by one; as well as whole folder at once
Offer the possibility of converting files in a batch
Specify encoding settings before conversion
Adjust the quality of output file(s)
Supports name templates for output files during bulk conversion
* Input File Format Support:
* Output File Format Support:

Leawo Video Converter Pro

Leawo Video Converter Pro
Leawo Video Converter Pro can rip DVD to video as well as convert video/audio between popular formats.

Key Features of Leawo Easy Media Converter Suite:

1. Decrypt, copy and rip DVD movies Rip DVD (whether CSS-protected or not) to AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, RMVB, MPEG, 3GP, MKV, etc. formats. Able to make HD video with corresponding profiles.
2. Convert video and audio between popular formats Easy Media Converter Suite can convert between video (AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, RMVB, MPEG, 3GP, MKV, etc.) and audio (MP3, WMV, WAV, AAC, OGG, M4A, etc.) formats at once.
3. Fast output to various multimedia devices This super media converter suite provides abundant tested profiles suitable to many popular multimedia devices, including iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, PSP, PS3, Zune, Apple TV, Mobile Phone, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Xbox, Wii, Archos, Creative Zen and iRiver.
4. Apply Effect, Trim, Crop and Watermark In this versatile video media converter, powerful video editing functions are available: adjust video effect in brightness, contrast and audio volume, cut video duration in milliseconds, crop video size and change aspect ratio as well as add image or text watermark.
5. Merge multiple files into one single file For multiple files of different formats, you can merge into one video. In DVD ripping, you can select some of the chapters and join them as well. This easy media converter suite will convert DVD/video in batch along with multiprocessing to save your time.
6. Built-in preview and one-click screenshot Play DVD and video then snap screenshots to be saved as JPEG, BMP or THM image files.

Leawo Video Converter Pro $45.00
New Features in Version
1. Newly-added support for Intel and AMD graphics accelerating to speed up video conversion dramatically.
2. Newly-added 7 languages along with the existing 4, there are 11 languages in total now being supported (English, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese).
3. Fixed NVIDIA graphics accelerating failure during some partial video conversions. 
4. Added specific profile for iPhone 5?iPad 4, iPad Mini, the new iPod Touch and Nano.5. Added specific profile for Surface RT and Surface Pro.
6. Added specific profile for Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Note 2.
7. Added specific profile for Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920.
8. Added specific profile for Nexus 7.
9. Added specific profile for Kindle Fire HD.
10. Added specific profile for Nook HD, HTC One X/X+, HTC 8X/8S, etc.

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Mind Pad

Mind Pad
Mind Pad allows to create mind maps basing not just on creating and linking text blocks. Mind Pad allows organize in mind maps objects with any properties set. With Mind Pad scripting you are able to create your own rules for data management and representation.

Mind Pad suggest a new approach to mind mapping. Now the mind map is not just a lot of linked text blocks. Mind Pad allows to create your own frame objects with unique properties that are most suitable for your business. You can organize those objects into some hierarchy.

You can create your own knowledge management system by using Mind Pad scripting and macros abilities. For these purpose Mind Pad supports Visual Basic .NET.

Managing object and links styles is easy with Mind Pad object-oriented approach. You can create a frame or link styles, specifying colors, text settings and other. When create new object you can just tell Mind Pad when style it should use for this object or link.

The most great idea of Mind Pad: Mind Pad is easy to use software. As long as it supports powerful object oriented-methodology and scripting, its very simple software. Its easy to use it for every day job.

Igoodso CRM System(MS SQL Server,2 - 10 users)

Igoodso CRM System(MS SQL Server,2 - 10 users)
Igoodsoft CRM System is On-Demand Small Business Customer Relationship Management System(CRM).Collect and organize all CRM data of your organization in order to keep track of your customers and improve your service quality.It can manage your marketing, customers, suppliers, purchase, sales and orders.What you see is what you get.It supports multi-user and access control.It supports most of major database servers such as SQL Server,Access,Oracle,MySQL and others.It supports secondary development.

XO for Windows

XO for Windows
The XO is collection of classic and non-classic board games as checkers, shashki , international checkers, gomoku, renju, pente, connectris, othello, ataxx, barrier, stack4, clobber, entropy, Cats and Dogs, LOA, 3 Musketeers and more.


You can play with different set of rules; customize board, colors, stones;
work with database of games; save games in file using different formats;
create list of openings and more...


i-ChineseChess software lets you play Chinese Chess against a challenging computer opponent on your PC. For beginners and masters alike, Chinese Chess software offers various challeng levels, greate graphics and sound. It is also very convenient to make and save chess records. You can also enjoy and study easily from well-known chess records played by famous experts, such as the popular "Ju Zhong Mi" and so on.

Crooked Money

Crooked Money
Sell drugs, pick pockets, steal valuables or fight for territory with others gangsters to gain score. Be a hobo, a honest worker or an assassin, the choice is yours. Get to the top of your career path and leave off your business before you are caught by police or killed by the rivals to win the game.

Chess Nx

Chess Nx
Play chess against the computer or with a friend in 5 different levels.
Chess game with great looks - indeed - because there are several looks (skins) the user may choose for the board.
Chess Nx is a game for a professional and the one who're studying it.


Naval turn-based WW2 strategy game, extension to the classic Battleships game where ships/planes/subs can move. Contains over 60 missions & campaigns and 40 ship, submarine, airplane & port artillery types, with combat maps up to 96X96 large.
Game objectives: conquer all enemy major ports, defend your ports, destroy enemy ships,
secure transport convoy to the friendly port.
Basic idea is to build extension to the classic Battleship game. Standard Battleship game tends to be very boring after while. On the other hand, modern naval strategy games are becoming more and more complex and difficult, especially for people who didn't get their degree in Annapolis Naval Academy. So we tried to put
1939:Battlefleet somewhere between. Game is a little bit closer to the classic Battleships, and differs from it in the following:
Major differences:
Ships can move
Ships have radar range. ( so you cant open fields where do you want. Your ships can find enemy around them (like in real)
Minor differences:
Battlefield map can be up to 96X96 large
40 ship, submarine, airplane & port artillery types
Map contains land and islands, major and minor ports
Time limit
You can purchase new ships/planes during the game

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Mobile Video 2.0

Mobile Video 2.0
The movie converter for your mobile device! Supported are: Apple iPod, iPhone, Playstation PSP, Zune, Android Google Handys, Mobile Phones (3GPP/3GPP2/MP4 compatible) , iRiver, Cliod CP, Palm, Archos, Creative, Commodore, Blackberry and more. Watch your movies anytime, anywhere. This product is the all-in-one solution for your mobile device. Convert with Mobile Video 2.0 your (unprotected) Video-DVDs or MPEG1/2/4 compatible favourite movie. Also DivX or XviD movies can be converted for your portable device!

CinemaHD 2.0

CinemaHD 2.0
CinemeHD: Make your movies bigger and better! Using new upscaling and enhancement technology. With just a few clicks, transform your videos into, for example the new High Definition Format. Compatible with WMV-HD and MPEG 4-HD.

Simply Good Pictures

One of the best fully automatic image optimizations in the world!

DJ Mixer Express (Win/Mac)

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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This offer is available to customers from Nov 20, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012.

DJ Mixer Express (Win/Mac)    Coupon Code: MACD-U38C
DJ Mixer Express is an ideal DJ mixing software for beginners and DJ pros, It offers a robust set of features yet remains easy-to-use and affordable for a wide audience of music fans. DJ Mixer Express has an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you automate common tasks like beat mixing, automatic-gain, master-tempo, record mixes, automatic beat and tempo detection allows you to easily match two songs for a perfect transition. Control your mix with sample-accurate cue points, or continuously loop part of a song perfectly in sync with the beat. seamlessly integrates with your iTunes, mix all your favorite songs from iTunes. Simply drag and drop, and get creative with your own music. DJ Mixer Express offers High-Quality sound with support for all major audio formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, WMA, M4A, MP4 audio format. It is used around the world by bedroom DJs and professional superstars alike.

DJ Mixer Express for Mac                   Coupon Code: MACD-U38C

DJ Mixer Express for Windows    Coupon Code: MACD-U38C

Jaksta Recorder for SlingBox

Jaksta Recorder for SlingBox
Looking for a super-easy way to record Slingbox TV streams remotely from your PC? Just install Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox, then pick a channel, set a schedule, and Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox will tune into your TV and record automatically to your PC. Or, you can record instantly just by changing the channel and clicking the Record button. Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox will automatically convert the recorded video into a media format of your choosing. Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox has preset conversions suitable for viewing recordings on your TV via DVD or media center playback as well as portable media devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android devices. In all there is over 100 conversion presets to choose from - and advanced users can add their own!

ArcSoft MediaConverter 8

ArcSoft MediaConverter 8
ArcSoft MediaConverter® 8 is a fast, easy-to-use application that converts video, audio, and photo files into formats optimized for portable devices. Convert multimedia files with unmatched speed and quality to play on your mobile phone, iPod, PMP, TV, and other portable media players. To save time, convert multiple files in batches, regardless of original format.
Convert most of media files; Support HD & 3D Supported video formats include: AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG, M2TS, MTS, RMVB, and AVCHD. Supported photo formats include: BMP, JPG, JPEG, WMF, FPX, GIF, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF, JPS, MPO, and RAW Supported audio formats include: WMA, WAV, AAC, M4A, and OGG Vorbis Supports HD and 3D Extract video or audio files from your DVD and AVCHD movies Support popular mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, Samsung ,Galaxy and other popular devices, Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and Microsoft XBox 360 Convert 2D videos & photos into 3D ArcSoft's Sim3D? technology easily converts videos from 2D into 3D Convert videos to a higher resolution with SimHD? Convert JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIF images into 3D Ivy Bridge support brings users more exciting and realistic 3D effects User-friendly video editing Simple and efficient basic video editing Add various effects to video, including Black & White, Sepia, Old Movie, Sketch, Sharpen, and more Optimize video with advanced tools (Auto video Rotate for iPhone, iPad, De-noise, Color Adjustment, and many more) Comprehensive audio controls Increase audio volume up to 5x with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Adjust music and videos to the same volume level with Audio Normalization Select the sound track you want while playing or converting a video file AVI, MKV, VOB files are supported High speed conversion and full utilization of your computer's power and resources Accelerate file conversion speed and batch convert videos Supports Intel's Quick Sync Video technology (Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge) to shorten conversion times Apply NVIDIA® CUDA? and AMD® VCE technology to offload CPU usage during file conversion Speed up video conversion without sacrificing the final quality

AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac

Attention Please: This product is free to try before buy, Please try it before buy to make sure it works on your computer. Thank you!

Mac File Recovery Software is an advanced data recovery software tool which recovers data from Hard Drives, USB Drives, FireWire Drives, External Storage Devices, Digital Camera, Flash memory, CD/DVD Disc, Mobiles and other removable storage devices. Mac Data Recovery Software recovers data from HFS, HFS+, FAT and NTFS partitions.


This Software is the best solution to recover lost data when a volume has been formatted/reformatted, volume is inaccessible after re-partitioning or any sort of corruption causing inaccessibility to the volume, volume is not getting mounted, files and folders are accidentally deleted, Apple partition map is corrupted, Apple catalog file is corrupted, Drive has been initialized, Disk verify and repair fails, Any sort of corruption causing inability to boot your operating system.

Download Trial Version of Mac Data Recovery Software to recover lost or deleted data from Mac Operating System.

21 нояб. 2012 г.


In the movies nothings works anymore without 3D; now the technique enters the home cinema and even the PC. Engelmann Software presents the world premiere Windows-Software MakeMe3D, which can convert existing 2D-videos automatically into the third dimension. The new 3D-videos are compatible to the known Anaglyph 3D glasses and to the new Stereoscopic 3D Hardware. 3D is currently 'the one' new technique. What was hardly conceivable a few months ago has become reality long since. The audience in the cinema put on the 3D-glasses to watch movies in a completely new dimension. And a lot more is happening: the industry is busy tinkering with the 3D-Blu-ray Disc, the 3D-TV and the 3D-computer. This undoubtedly marks only the beginning of a new 3D-boom, which will keep entertainment electronics and IT-sector busy for the next ten years.

DJ Mixer Professional 3 for Windows

Note: The Coupon Code will expire December 31, 2012.

DJ Mixer Professional 3 for Windows  Coupon Code: DJMP-TEO7
DJ Mixer 3 Professional is the ultimate audio and video mixing system for live DJ performances. offering audio, video, and karaoke mixing ability. Automatic Beat Matching, 4 full-featured decks, Seamless intelligent looping and beat-skip, smooth crossfades, DJ MIDI controller support, and much more.

Best of all, DJ Mixer 3 Professional has an intuitive interface, closely resembling a real-world mixing board, that makes it easy to set and save multiple loops and cue points in a track.

DJ Mixer 3 Professional allows you to mix and execute quickly on the fly. With DJ Mixer 3 Professional you are always one step ahead!

Here is good news from DJMixerSoft: We offer a big discount (40% OFF) for our top products

DJ Mixer Professional 3 for Mac

DJ Mixer Professional for Mac

DJ Mixer Professional for Win

Coupon Code: DJMP-TEO7

Note: The Coupon Code will expire December 31, 2012.


pdf2cad is an easy Windows desktop tool that lets you select the PDF file you want to convert, set options if needed, and convert to the industry-standard DXF and HPGL file formats. Accurate, fast and robust. Today, more and more organizations in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing, are storing and receiving designs, schematics, floor-plans and other technical drawings in the Adobe® PDF file format. CAD engineers, CNC operators, partners and supply chain members need to be able to view, test, edit or re-use the geometry locked inside these documents. Now, pdf2cad provides the bridge. It accurately reproduces lines, shapes and text strings in the DWG, DXF and HPGL formats. If your PDF files are vector-based, you no longer need to lose valuable time or sacrifice quality by printing, scanning and vectorizing the drawings. Using pdf2cad requires significantly less manual clean-up than using raster-to-vector software. Stop redrawing floor plans or mechanical designs from scratch. Just run them through pdf2cad! Visual Integrity's pdf2cad is also available in batch, server and developer versions, and on Linux and UNIX platforms. Other available output formats include CGM, WMF, EMF, EPS, SVG, MIF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ASCII.

Visual Integrity's pdf2cad, pdf2image and pdf2picture have all bee updated to the most current versions.
- pdf2cad v9.0 now outputs drawings in the AutoCAD DWG format as well as DXF and HPGL

- pdf2picture 9.0 generates web standard SVG as well as WMF, EMF and EPS vector formats. SVG is the vector standard for HTML5 - a hot new opportunity for those who need to transfer or create new content for their site. pdf2picture also includes the most popular image formats such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF.

- pdf2image 8.6 has been reduced from $59 to $39. It's easy and produces high quality image formats.

20 нояб. 2012 г.

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

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We offer a 20% Coupon Code (ANYAPL) for all products. To redeem
the coupon, just enter the coupon code in the corresponding input box.

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player    Coupon Code: ANYAPL
A great Blu-ray Player software, the essential part in our home entertainment, would provide us an amazing experience. Without the capability of playing Blu-ray movies, no home theater is complete and excellent. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player, the unique and smart Universal Media Player for Windows, is capable of playing the stunning high-quality movie and video at resolution up to 1080p. The most important is that this Blu-ray Player software is dedicated to any commercial Blu-ray disc, which owns the ability to play Blu-ray discs released in different regions and is the best choice for international movie fans.

Apart from playing any Blu-ray movie, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is capable of playing any Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image file. In addition, this Media Player has the ability to play any types of media format like HD video, AVCHD video, MTS, M2TS, MXF, TS, TRP, MKV, MPEG, FLV, WMV, and MP4, etc., which can help you create an entirely new home entertainment experience

CloneDVD - DVD Copy Software

Note: All above Coupon Code will expire November 28, 2012
CloneDVD - DVD Copy Software    Coupon: HTTP-HUXE-UIKX
CloneDVD is a flexible and easy to use DVD movie copy software. Without special setting, CloneDVD automatically removes all protections (CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) on-the-fly, lets you freely copy all of your DVD movie collections. It could rip DVD movie into various multi-media files including HD videos to expand your multimedia entertainment on most popular portable devices (Apple iPod, PSP, Zune, cell phone, iPad, iPad2,BlackBerry, HTC,etc.).

? Real DVD movie clone by 1:1, perfect video & audio quality just as the original one.

? Fast compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 with stunning video & audio quality

? Clip - Clip any part of the original DVD movie to convert into your favorite movile file fomats. No matter how long or short the title is.And merge them at the same time.

? Crop - Cut off the unwanted area of the original DVD movie to create your own movie.

? Embed Watermark - Add your favorite text as watermark to embed in the movie. So it can make your video more personalized.

? Merge - Merge two or more titles into one output video.

? Extract DVD audio and save as different audio formats such as MP2, MP3, AAC, AC3, etc..

? Support all region disc, remove region protection and RPC-I/RPC-II/RCE region protection automatically during copying

? Entire Disc: completely copy all the special features, intros, menus, subtitles with nothing to lose.

? Main Movie: intelligent copy main movie title, remove unnecessary intros, menus, language and sound tracks.

? Customize: personalize target DVD movie, just favorite title chapter/subtitle/audio remained and custom target movie size to fit to your output disc.

? Split Disc: split a whole DVD-9 movie into 2 DVD-5 blanks to keep original video quality.

? DVD Rip: rip your DVD movies (including copyright protected movies) into audio file and various video file.

? Multiple burn engines selectable, external Nero burn engine supported.

? Free 3-copy trial version available.
DVD X Player Pro                Coupon: HTTP-7M25-XPOO
Audio DVD Maker               Coupon: HTTP-I839-JJBU
iPad Video Converter   Coupon: HTTP-AD5P-QGWA
Note: All above Coupon Code will expire November 28, 2012

Video Magic Ultimate

Note: All above Coupon Code will expire November 30, 2012

Video Magic Ultimate       Coupon: BLAZ-1OSL-TVAP
Video Magic Ultimate is a powerful but easy to use utility for multimedia file conversion. Beside excellent conversion function, you can enjoy more useful functions in Video Magic Ultimate. Read What is new below for more what Video Magic Ultimate can do for you.
What is new?

* Convert: You can convert most known video files such as *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *.M1V, *.MPV2, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB file, HD video to MP4 for Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone series, BlackBerry series, Nokia Series,Sony PSP/PS3/PS3 HD, 3GP for mobile phones and AVI, ASF, HD video for other media players.
* Clip: You can clip any part of your preferred movie and convert it into MP4, 3GP or AVI formats for your portable devices.
* Crop: You can crop the video picture size as you like.
* Merge: You can merge your desired video files into one.
* Slideshow: You can create your favorite pictures as slideshow to share with your family or friends. 12 Effects available for choice.
* Watermark: Support to add watermarks on your video files.
* Subtitle: Support to add subtitle for your video files.
* Sync: Support to sync to Apple iPod/iPhone/PSP.
* Online Upgrade: Support online upgrade anytime, letting you keep the latest version all the time!
* Video Download: Support to download video files from YouTube and Yahoo!
* Support all common media formats as input format including HD files.
* Title and Credits: Support to add title at the beginning of movies/slideshow and credits at the end of movies/slideshow.
* Background music added in photo slideshow.
* Support Windows 7/Vista/XP.
* Real-time display the whole conversion process with detailed info.
* Support batch conversion at the same time.
* Freely specify output path.
* Quickly open output folder and access converted file.
* User-friendly interface with easy and straight operation steps.


BlazeDVD Pro      Coupon: BLAZ-8U0F-QNHA

BlazePhoto          Coupon: BLAZ-BIQ7-YQTJ

Note: All above Coupon Code will expire November 30, 2012

Blu-ray to MKV

Blu-ray to MKV
Convert Blu-ray videos to MKV in an easy 1, 2, 3 step process:
1) Select the Blu-ray video and choose the audio and subtitle tracks of your choice
2) Use the quality analyzer to adjust settings for best quality
3) Just sit back and relax during the conversion!
The burning will begin if the option is checked. The live preview allows you to watch the conversion process. With the VSO burning engine included in the software, burn your project onto DVD automatically. Use our quality advisor to adjust the settings of your project to get the best quality. Select the output resolution, SD or HD, and output size from a list or set your own custom size. The output can even be split over mulitple disks. See before you even start the conversion process what the quality will be and adjust settings for fine tuning. Never be disappointed again by poor quality results! Blu-ray To MKV also uses our advanced Image Filter to converts images down from HD to SD or select the output to be in High definition and no resize will be needed! Our image filter has already proven itself to be one of the best image resizing solutions on the market today.

19 нояб. 2012 г.

FastStart Sales & Marketing Pack

FastStart Sales & Marketing Pack
This powerful Excel templates pack allows your sales & revenue efforts run more smoothly. The Sales & Marketing Pack include: Credit Application, Credit History, Direct Marketing Analysis, Historical Cash Flow, Mileage Tracker, Monthly Sales Projections, Progress Report, Project Cost Summary, Quotation Request, Sales Commission Report, Sales Goals, Sales Planning Worksheet, Sales Prospects, and Sales Projections. The FastStart Sales and Marketing Pack serves as the foundation for effective control and management and as the starting point for running a more efficient marketing or sales department. The Credit Application for business-to-business credit applications while Credit History helps you keep a running tab of a customer's past credit performance. The Direct Marketing Program Analysis helps you calculate the revenues, costs, and the break-even point associated with each program. The Historical Cash Flow creates parallel monthly cash flow statements. The Mileage Tracker keeps track of traveling expenses. Monthly Sales Projections helps you project sales and compare them to actuals. The Project Report helps report your project milestones and accomplishments. The Project Cost Summary records project costs and compares them to actuals. The Quotation Request presents detailed project tasks and costs. The Sales Commission Report tracks a rep's information necessary to calculate a commission. Sales Goals tracks monthly sales for several products and compare them to the actuals. The Sales Planning Worksheet plans

Buy/Sell a laundromat 2 year pro-forma service

Buy/Sell a laundromat 2 year pro-forma service
If you are intimated by an excel spreadsheet, let our professional service work with you to complete your own customized coin/card laundry pro-forma. A 30 minute phone consulation is all we need to get you up and running with your own pro-forma, customized to meet your needs and situation

HiFi OGG Recorder Joiner

HiFi OGG Recorder Joiner
HiFi OGG recorder joiner builds OGG Recorder, OGG Joiner(OGG merger) and ID3-Editor in one, you can makes high-quality recordings directly from your sound card and save the recording directly into OGG files. no tempory wav file involved, saving your hard disk life, and faster. Sound quality of the recordings remains excellent. HiFi OGG recorder joiner adopts advanced LAME Encoder and OGG codec, allows you to generate various qualities of OGG files. HiFi OGG recorder joiner makes a complete sound recorder studio of your computer. With it you can record sound from microphone, streaming audio from the Internet, music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, or muisc from external such as Turntable, Walkman, Tape Player, DVD, etc. Supports schedule recording if you want it to do the recording at a specified time of one day or week and you can make schedule to let it record for you automatically. It is most useful while recording internet streaming audio. Support OGG joiner. You can Join/merger multiple files into one big files, join with high precision and no quality is lost. Support ID3 editor. You can edit the id3 information for your files with the ID3-Editor built in MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner. Support audio player. you can use it just as an audio player. Support Fixed time closes Computer. you can Establishment close-down time, The computer will be assigning time shutting down

Easy MP3 Recorder (Discount Price)

Easy MP3 Recorder (Discount Price)
Easy MP3 Recorder 3.0 offers professional recording features with mp3 support. Easy MP3 Recorder can record almost all audio from your sound card at near-perfect quality. And, It can also record directly to mp3 format if you choose, saving you valuable disk space. You could select the different mp3 recording modes as needed. Easy MP3 Recorder records audio played through your sound card and saves it in MP3 or WAV formats. Therefore, you can record audio from a Microphone, tape, Internet Radio Station, Player(WinAMP, Windows Media Player, Real Player, and other ...), Internet News, Movie, Flash, Internet Conversation, Applications, and many more other audio sources. Easy MP3 Recorder is an easy to use program. All needed buttons are showed in the main window directly. Play or Record directly with pressing the button on the window. The options dialog supports full settings of a recording. With the schedule dialog, you may set the recording schedule as you like. Recordings list dialog offers management of the recorded lists.

VeBest Numerology for MacOS

Numerology is the science that is closely associated with numbers. It treats numbers as symbols that can both be your strength and weaknesses. VeBest provide Best Numerology software for numerology chart calculation, prediction and interpretation on base of human birth date and full name. Numerology software provides all numerological properties calculation (life path, expression, karmic debts, etc.) with main values interpretation. Calculate current and future date numbers (for years, months and days) with interpretation. Best Numerology software is user friendly application with printing & PDF export. Bonus included - Best Answers Oracle (try our Yes or No, throw dice, numbers and colors).

I Want To Play Guitar

Using video lessons and a PDF workbook I Want To Play Guitar will help you learn to play guitar in just three lessons! Buy and download I Want To Play Guitar now and start learning straight away! (The I Want To Play Guitar courseware takes approximately 25 minutes to download on a DSL/broadband connection. The courseware requires Windows 95 or later, Quicktime/Windows Media Player 6.4 or later, and Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.)

Digital Praise and Worship Partner

Digital Praise and Worship Partner
Digital Praise and Worship Partner is versatile software for facilitating personal devotions, group Bible study, church service praise and worship sessions. It comes with rich features for searching more than 200 popular hymns for particular words, learning new hymns by listening to the hymns as they are played while seeing the accompanying notes. One can vary the pace of the music. One can set the music to start playing automatically on selection of a hymn or to wait for the user to click the Play button. One can project the lyrics or music notes to a big screen, and more... Use options to customize the software to suit your taste. This also comes with: Context sensitive help Free updates for at least one year Registered members are informed when new hymns are added to the collection
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