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Fresh Flash Catalog

Fresh Flash Catalog
Fresh Flash Catalog is an digital publishing software. Create digital Brochures or eBrochures, eBooks, multi media presentations, photo album sand eCards,create quizzes, exams, tests, forms, and surveys. Full Flash support. Export and import Flash swf. PDF imports, right to left language support, automatic page flips, music, videos, animations..

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Platform:Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64

Vo2Btrieve Standard

Vo2Btrieve Standard

What is Btrieve

Btrieve is a very popular file system used worldwide in a lot of applications, such as accounting systems. It has been in use from the early DOS ages, and is still being used by a lot of larger software development companies, because it is a stable and very fast way to access data in a network environment.
Btrieve is a product of Pervasive Software, Inc.

Btrieve data can be accessed using ODBC, and through the Btrieve API. Vo2Btrieve uses the API, to get the best performance possible.
Btrieve files have no built in information about the structure of the data files. Programmers have searched for various ways to cope with this, and this has resulted in a number of different solutions:
  • Structure of the tables is stored in the program
  • Structure of the tables is stored in an external file
  • Structure of the tables is stored in a Data Dictionary
The last solution is by far the most popular. The so-called DDF format is widely used. Vo2Btrieve supports all three ways of describing the table structure.

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Platform: Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP x32, XP Tablet PC, Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64

onlineTV Anytime

onlineTV Anytime
onlineTV gives you access to hundreds of music videos, TV live streams, radio stations, webcams and more. Select from hundreds of music video's your favorite song. Listen to your local stations. Read the latest news of your daily newspaper ... from any point on earth! Watch TV directly at your device; without additional hard- or software. See it first ... at onlineTV!

Platform: Windows Server 2003, Windows 95, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows Server 2003 x64


Premium 7-string virtual instrument
- 4 Years of recording and engineering to bring you unrivaled samples.
- 10000+ samples, 24-bit 48khz, 8GB in total.
- Individual samples for infinite sustain to freely adjust decay rate.
Fully equipped effects rack
- Clean samples + Effect rack = Complete electric guitar solution
- 19 effect modules including; Screamer, EQ12, AMP, Flanger, Ping-Pong delay, etc.
- 16 AMPs with styles from heavy metal to clean. 2x - 8x sample rate processing.
- 66 cabinet IRs, up to four at once with adjustable delay, volume and phasing.
- 200 factory presets, along with a preset manager to store your own presets.
Next-generation DSP for unmatched guitar realism
- Direct-from-disk steam allows for more efficient resource usage.
- The THRASH (Tonal/Harmonic Reconstruction and Shaping) DSP engine.
- Dynamically adjustable sample harmonics.
- Dynamically reconstructed formants.
- Realistic pitch-bend and pitch-shift.
- PitchBend: instead of barely doing pitch shifting, real-world pitch-bend has changes on formant. With THRASH engine, Heavier7Strings dynamically recoups the formant and produces refined pitch-bend sound.
- +∞(round robin) gives you different sound when notes are played repeatedly. The samples in Heavier7Strings have at most 16 RRs recorded, but with THRASH engine we are able to induce randomized tone changes in addition to actually recorded samples, thus produces more realistic repeated playing than just randomly repeats samples.
- Adjustable real-world sampled-LFO for authentic vibrato: many samplers simply use sine wave to modulate pitch to produce vibratos. However, real vibratos played from a guitar player are far from sinusoid-modulated pitches. To pursue realistic and adjustable vibrato sound, we recorded the pitch shift curve from real-world vibrato playing, and use it to modulate the normal playing samples.
- Each instance of Heavier7Strings shares the same memory, allowing for many instances without occupying additional resources.
Real-time virtual guitar performance
- Real-time hammer on & pull off, legato slide in/out, pinch harmonics, tremolo, palm mute, picking noise, polyphonic legato and repeats. - Automatic determination on fret board position, up/down picking and strumming.
- Automatic playing of power chords.
- Chord detect function.
- Chord Mapping allows you to easily play guitar chords from a keyboard.
- 24 hotkeys and a flexible key-mapping system allows for complex real-time performance styles, string and fret assignments, and adjustable humanization. - True doubling: two guitars playing simultaneously on left and right channel, each has individual random note delay and RR selection.
- Flexible CC mappings instead of fixed key-switch assignments, allowing greater freedom when switching playing styles.
- Unison bend. Choose whether pitch-bend affects all notes in a chord, or only the lowest note.
- Adjustable tension and resonance.
- Adjustable level control per string.
- Adjustable palm muting level and attack.
- Adjustable Drop-A tuning.
- Pickup switch.
- Various styles: metal, rock, pop, clean, along with non-rhythmic noise and ambient.
- Drag MIDI patterns into host DAW.
- User definable patterns.
- High-quality A/D conversion and ultra-low noise level.
- What is the first thing to do when one starts a virtual guitar? Usually it is to bypass all built-in effects, as they are mostly too primitive for any serious work. However, the effect rack we provide to you is complete and of production-level quality, not just a toy!
- Self-developed sampler with no compromise on sound quality.
- Real-time playable.
- 200 factory MIDI patterns together with effect rack presets.

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Platform: Mac OS X, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Bopup Communication Server (+ Upgrade Service for 1 year)

Bopup Communication Server (+ Upgrade Service for 1 year)
Bopup Communication Server is a secure messaging suite designed to provide efficient and private communication over networks of any size. The server meets most of the critical business needs, such as centralized management, the Active Directory (LDAP) support, message and file transfer logging. It can be easily deployed over the business infrastructure to unite the entire company's offices and other locations into one internal IM workspace with control over messaging groups, user permissions to view others and send messages and documents, message and transfer archives with printing support.
Since the server stores and delivers offline messages and files, users never lose information they are supposed to receive. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if data is sent via the Internet. Users can send messages with formatted text, links and graphic emoticons (smileys), organize their personal Contact Lists, access their contacts from any workplace and see who is online and available for communication. The client software can be configured on the server to run in the Confirmation Mode, which means that the client pops up every time a new message is received and keeps the window on top until the user confirms the message.
To crown it all, Bopup Communication Server is fast to deploy and easy to use. It has a great and flexible user interface and comes with a built-in messaging system for scheduled and planned user notifications including the File Distribution system that offers a managed distributing documents to users. Client instant messengers can be easily installed and distributed via Group Policies with the support of pre-installed settings.

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Platform: Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8 x32, Windows 7, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64

UltraMixer 5 Home (Cross Platform)

UltraMixer 5 Home (Cross Platform)
"UltraMixer" is a DJ mixing software which enables you to mix digital music in various formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV or CDs in real time. All you need is a sound card. The DJ's turntables are replaced by two digital SoundPlayers, the "vinyls" are available within seconds through the integrated FileArchive. No matter whether you want to use "UltraMixer" for a professional gig or at a private party or as virtual jukebox in restaurants, hair studios or medical surgeries - it will prove the right choice! "UltraMixer Home" contains all basic functions of their big brothers "basic" and "professional". Whether you want to use "UltraMixer Home" at home or at parties, the intuitive and clearly structured user interface enables you to will be a digital DJ.

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Platform: , Windows

Virtual Null Modem Standard

Virtual Null Modem Standard
Null-modem cable is basically used for communication of two RS-232 "DTE" devices with each other. To create null-modem connection between the devices you need to use two computers or two serial ports of a single computer connected with null-modem cable. The both methods described above are expensive and difficult because of many reasons. The most reliable way to create null-modem connection is using of virtual serial ports emulated by virtual serial port driver and null-modem cable.
Why do you need to emulate serial ports and null-modem connection? There are few main reasons to do it. Firstly, you don’t need to have two computers connected with real null-modem cable. Secondly, there’s no need in a single PC with several free serial ports and additional multi serial port devices which are expensive and bulky. To emulate null-modem connection Virtual Null Modem can be effectively used. The program emulates one or more couples of RS-232 serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable. It is possible to create the unlimited couples of virtual serial ports on a single PC and connect them in any sequence using virtual null-modem cable. Usually you need to use virtual null-modem when you have two applications to be connected via serial ports. In contrast to ordinary connection you do not need any additional hardware (computers, physical serial ports, cables) to perform it. Virtual null-modem allows user emulate virtual null modem connection and run the two applications simultaneously on the same computer. Moreover, it is possible to emulate real-world situations by adding some errors to the data exchange which may occur during the physical null-modem connection. Owing to its features set Virtual Null Modem can sufficiently ease the work of software developers and testers occupied in the field of industrial automation. Furthermore, the program may also be useful in the reverse engineering as well as in educational needs. 

This version allows to create 3 virtual null modem devices and use the line control register. This version doesn't allow to add data interferences to a data flow.

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Platform:Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, XP Tablet PC, Windows Vista x32, Windows 8.1

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