29 окт. 2014 г.

XData Subscription for UK stocks


XData Subscription for UK stocks
XData Subscription - 3 monthly database updates plus acquisition alerts.
The subscription options gives you exactly the same unrestricted rights and access as the Buy option plus guaranteed regular and continuing updates PLUS our regular updates on potential bid targets and volume spikes as and when they happen.
See our website at www.xadatabases.com for more options.
Requires any version of Excel.

Apple iOS, Mac, Microsoft Smartphone, OS X - Macintosh, Other Desktop, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Poem for Flute and Piano by Griffes


Poem for Flute and Piano by Griffes
The first performance of Griffes's Poem for Flute and Orchestra occurred on 16 November 1919 by flutist Georges Barrère and the New York Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Walter Damrosch. Poem is also a popular recital work for flute and piano, and has been recorded several times.
Android, Apple iOS, Linux, Mac, OS X - Macintosh, Other Desktop, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Webcam Surveillance Monitor


Webcam Surveillance Monitor
Webcam Surveillance Monitor is an advanced video surveillance software. You can effortlessly monitor your home, office, cradle, parking area, storehouse, UFO or any other premises 24-hours a day. Timestamped image recording let users capture details of events precisely when they happen.

 Client and Server are used for remote video surveillance. The streaming video with be sent from Server Side to Client Side. Activated Snapshots let you know the details of every motion event. Simply connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your computer, install Webcam Surveillance Monitor, then you will have an inexpensive and effective video surveillance system.

 Webcam Surveillance Monitor provides Customizable Alarms like Audio Recording, Music Songs, and 3 kinds of default alarms. Also your can reset the Volume by mouse click or drag. The Sensitivity Setting helps you to configure the sensitive degree of your video surveillance system. And the Snapshot setting supports customizable path which is used for saving Activated Snapshots. You can also preview those snapshots in the Log area on the main board.

 Webcam Surveillance Monitor lets you take advantage of the potential of PC based video surveillance.


Key Features:

* Sound Alarm
Warning with customizable sound alarms.

* Capturing Snapshots
Capturing every motion details when they happen.

* Remote Video Surveillance
Use IP camera to monitor the target far away from you.

* Home Surveillance
Home security webcam keeps an eye on uninvited guys.

* Timestamp
Timestamp records the precise time of events.

* Video sending and receiving
Client mode is used for receiving video signal from the Server mode.

* Simple to use
Neatly designed interface, easy to follow.

* Compatible with Win7
Abundant running experiences on Windows 2003, XP, Vista and Win7.

* Cheap but Effective
Build up video surveillance system with only webcam and PC.

Key Features:

* Compatible with Win7
Abundant running experiences on Windows 2003, XP, Vista and Win7.

* Cheap but Effective
Build up video surveillance system with only webcam and PC.

* Sound Alarm
Warn with customizable sound alarms.

* Activated Snapshots
Capture every motion details when they are happening.

* Remote Video Surveillance
Use IP camera to monitor the target far away from you.

* Home Surveillance
Warning of uninvited guys.

* Timestamp
Timestamp records the precise time of events.

* Video sending and receiving
Client mode is used for receiving video signal from the Server mode.

* Simple to use
Neatly designed interface, easy to follow.

K7 Ultimate Security 1PC 1Year


K7  Ultimate Security 1PC 1Year
K7 Ultimate Security provides complete PC protection with advanced Backup features.
The integrated Cloud based Web Protection makes your online browsing experiencesafer than ever. Your USB disks will be also safe with comprehensive DeviceControl always on alert, taking care of potential malware infections.
On top of this the intelligent firewall and spam filter are working in the backgroundsecuring all incoming and outgoing traffic of your computer. The additionalbackup feature lets you backup your important documents and files and restore them when needed.
K7 Ultimate Security fully protects your privacy and data, doesn’t slow down your computer and its unobtrusive nature lets you do your work without unnecessary interruptions.


Key features
K7Data Backup and Restore
K7Anti-Root kit
K7Zero day threat blocking
K7Host intrusion prevention    
K7Comprehensive Device control
K7Two way Firewall & IDS
K7Web Protection
K7Privacy & Parental Control
K7Extra security tools

Stayfocused Pro For 1 Year


Stayfocused Pro For 1 Year
For many people, time is the enemy, we race against time to complete tasks and meet deadlines. So Stayfocused is you choice, A simple task time-tracking tool keeps track of the time that you've spent on each of tasks and helps you complete each of them on-time. The idea of Stayfocused is based on The Pomodoro Technique. The root of the idea is that you work for 25 minutes straight and then break for 5 minutes.


What can Stayfocused Pro do?

-- Manage Task: Create / Edit / Delete / Starred your task.
-- Redo Task: Redo task needed on any-time you want.
-- Break Reminder: Show Message for having a break after did work for 25 minutes.
-- Launch Applications: Choose any applications needed to complete your task.
-- Open Sites: Open any websites needed to complete your current task.
-- Open Docs: Open any pertinent documents in their default applications.
-- Hide Windows: Hide the windows that are unnecessary to your tasks.
-- Hide Icons: Hide desktop icons to help you increase productivity.
-- Set Wallpaper: Set a nice wallpaper to help you eliminate distractions.
-- View Report: View the report that shows how you have spent your time.
-- Set Timer: Set timer for x minutes you need to complete your task.
-- Play Sounds: Add a sound alert to remind you that time is up.
-- More
Who does Stayfocused work for?

  Motivate yourself to write.
  Keep track of how long you're spending brainstorming / writing / revising.
  Reduce back and neck pain by walking around during Pomodoro breaks.

  Kill multitasking urges in the office.
  Get reports finished on time.

  Immerse yourself in programming, confining emailing to one or two Pomodoros a day.
  Break large, demanding tasks into shorter steps.
  Separate time they spend developing and refactoring.
  Reduce amount of bad code.

  Write papers.
  Track assignments.

GiliSoft Video Editor


GiliSoft Video Editor
GiliSoft Video Editor is an easy-to-use, powerful video editing software. It supports AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, SWF,3GP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV, ASF and almost all popular video formats. GiliSoft Video Editor combines video cutting, video merging, video splitting, video conversion, add watermark, add subtiles, rotate the screen, capture picture, brightness adjustment, video effects filter and other commonly used video editing functions in one.


-Powerful video cutting function helps you consider the most comprehensive usage scenarios.
Supports cutting a long video file into many smaller video files. Supports batch cutting multiple video files. Supports deleting unwanted video clips from video file, or adding watermarks, adding subtitles, video rotation, video cropping, brightness adjustment, filter effects and so on while video cutting.
-Powerful video merge function provideS the best solution for a variety of video formats
Supports joining the same format video files without encoding super fast merge. Supports joining different formats of video files and select any format one of the file as the output format, or set a custom output format.
-Powerful video splitting function
Splitting by time, for example every 600 seconds (5 minutes) per segment. Splitting by file size, such as 100 megabytes per segment. Customize Split, set the Split Point by hand.
-Powerful adding watermark and subtitle function
Supports adding text watermark and picture watermark (JPG, PNG, BMP). Supports adding multiple watermarks, you can set every watermark with start time and end time. Support ASS, SRT subtitle format, you can instantly preview the effect, and can dynamically adjust the subtitle font and position.
-Powerful editing and special effects capabilities
Support instant preview, adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation. There are a variety of picture effects are available: for example, black and white, old photographs, relief and other 14 kinds.
-Powerful video rotation and cropping
Supports 90,180,270 degree rotation and flip horizontal and vertical. Easily solving the screen upside problem when phone video playback on a computer. Crop the picture frame of a video to remove any unwanted areas from it using this video converter like a pair of smart scissors.
-Video and Audio Conversion
Whether you are converting between multifarious video formats (such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, and FLV), audio formats (such as MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, MP2, and OGG), or extracting audio from a video, they can all be done in a matter of clicks.

Covixo Restaurateur


Covixo Restaurateur
Covixo Restaurateur finds your deleted files in any type of storage (HDD, USB key, memory card, phone, etc..).

It is suitable for all situations :
-Deleted files (trash emptied, deleted pictures on memory card, etc..)
-Lost files (corrupted or formatted partition, damaged disk, etc..) Covixo Restaurateur will recover.

With a clear and intuitive interface, Covixo Restaurateur requires no knowledge and allows rapid recovery.

Covixo Restaurateur has a powerful ability to recover all types of files (documents, photos, videos, music, archives) on any storage device.
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

24 окт. 2014 г.

iPubsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery (Mac Version)


iPubsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery (Mac Version)
Mac Android Data Recovery Tool to Rescue Your Lost Contacts & Messages!
Android mobile phone users may encounter such situation that accidentally delete their contacts or SMS messages from Android phone and look around for a way to get them back. When you delete files from Android, they were not really gone, but only marked as useless and could be overwritten by new data. You’d better stop using the phone to ensure a higher rate of recovery with iPubsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery for Mac.
Hassle-freely to restore text messages and contacts from Android mobiles on Mac.
Preview the scanned out recoverable data one by one before the recovery started.
Turn the recovered data into readable and printable file type for further use.

EPDFADV-WKSLIC: eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Drag2PDF Workstation Lic


EPDFADV-WKSLIC: eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Drag2PDF Workstation Lic
Support N-up, Font Subset Embedding (Asian Font support), Security(40bit, 128bit), Auto hyperlink, Watermark (Text, Image, Compound, PDF 1.4 Transparency Overlay), E-mail (MAPI, SMTP)
It works as a printer under Windows. This is full function version. There is NO trial watermark in the first 3 pages.

It directly outputs PDF Files, no need of other programs, no need of middle form.
eDocPrinter PDF Pro creates PDF files from applications in Windows 2000, Windows XP, or above. (including terminal service environment) It works as a printer under windows environment, hence users can print from whatever application utilizing windows GDI printing device.
eDocPrinter PDF Pro also supports many advanced features like N-up (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 16 pages per sheet), adding security setting (both 40bit and 128bit strong encryption), watermark support (text, image, and compound, support PDF1.4 transparent overlay), font subset embedding (including CJK support), and automatically email PDF file as attachment.

Kanto Karaoke Player Professional


Kanto Karaoke Player Professional
Kanto Karaoke Player & Recorder

The Best Karaoke Software for Professionals and Beginners

We have launched an innovative karaoke player, named Kanto Karaoke.  The main objective of this program is to facilitate the performance of professional or amateur singers, thanks to real-time management of the musical lineup and mixing and crossfading between songs.
We have created a Live Performance section where the singer can create and edit his own play list with ease, using drag & drop files from PC.
The sound quality is excellent, even for midi files through integration with soundfonts. The user can also import his own sound fonts and integrate it with the program.
There are many settings and features offered by the program, such as the recording of the voice on the song, the direct conversion of midi to mp3, midi channel management, and much more.


AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro Lifetime License


AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro Lifetime License
Transfer files between iPhone and computer at will

Need to transfer music from ipod to pc? Want to transfer files from an old iPhone to a new one? AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro is the most useful tool for you to manage your iOS files. With the program, you can easily transfer multimedia files between an iDevice and PC/iTunes and backup SMS and Contacts to PC. Files can be freely transferred among iOS devices. The program supports all iOS devices, esp. the latest iOS devices.




There is fierce competition out there in the field of personal information management but WinPIM remains one of the best due to it's simple multi-user system and perfect balance between attractive interface and poweful features. Contact, calendar, appointment and diary are all a breeze to set up and edit (a handy bunch of wizards make sure of this) while offering a superb range of fields to play with. You can create groups and drag & drop freely to organize large of Contacts. As well as standard links to your browser and other programs, searching and dialer WinPIM can also generate useful summaries for your contacts perfect for printing. The Appointments and the Tasks makes your time usage more productive and more rewarding. The Diary supports rich-text format contents, you can even add more than one diary to one day. And if they aren't enough you can add your own data into the 'information' section which makes WinPIM limitless in what it can store. With WinPIM, you can also send e-mails to your contacts, send appointment, it support HTML e-mail, multi-accounts, and e-mail modules.  And with SMS Messager WinPIM provided, you can even send your calendar to your mobile phone. Easily one of the simplest and most attractive PIM programs on the market, WinPIM is perfect for personal use and more than sufficient for most professional users as well. As an added bonus you can download many reminder skins and schedules - oh joy!

Optipe Data Tools Suite (Excel 2003)


Optipe Data Tools Suite (Excel 2003)
Data Tools Suite is an Excel add-in, which adds 15 applications and more than 30 new calculation functions for data and tables treatment and management.

Data Tools Suite promotes and facilitates your work as a user of this popular Microsoft tool, so you can spend most of the time in what really adds value to your business: information analysis and decision-making.

Data Tools Suite is installed in a few steps in Excel. You can access their applications at any time, since it is presented as a new Excel menu option.

Multilanguage: Data Tools Suite is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian. Our website, videos and support are only available in English and Spanish.

Who should use Data Tools Suite?

Data Tools Suite is designed for those who:

Use Excel for management of data and generate information for decision making.
In their companies have organizational systems, ERP or similar, but require export data to Excel to build more developed analysis or criteria other than those provided by these systems.
Perform operations on the data to prepare PivotTable as standardize texts, fill blank cells, group data from different sheets, among others.
Waste valuable time performing routine tasks on the data in Excel.

This version works in Excel 2003, and is compatible with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, but NOT with Excel 2013.

Kutools for Word


Kutools for Word
Kutools for Word is a powerful software that frees you from time-consuming operations which majority of Word users have to perform daily! It contains 100+ powerful functions and tools for saving hours of your time in Word 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.


18 окт. 2014 г.


WorkItem Baseline 2013
TFS work items are represented as Requirements, User Stories, Bugs and Test Cases. These software artifacts are changed daily by team members. Many times, team has questions

  • How many requirements did we commit before we started sprint?
  • What was the ranking of my backlog or requirements?
  • What was estimation looked like and where exactly we changed?
  • and many more...

This extension will allow you to go in previous milestone (baseline) that you marked and show the picture of history. If you miss to apply baseline, then this also allows you to go in history via date.




  1. Apply Baseline: Allow user to mark current version of workitems with user friendly baseline name. This applied baseline can be used to retrieve current version in future.
  2. Export to XML: User can export selected workitems information in XML file.    
  3. Export to csv(Excel): User can export selected workitems information in csv (Excel) file.    NEW
  4. Compare Workitem versions: User can compare baselined version of workitems with current version of workitems side by side.  NEW
  5. View Baseline: User can select any flat query and view old baselined workitems.
  • View By Baseline Name: User will have option to select baselines those are applied by user.
  • View By Date: If user did not mark old milestone with baseline then user can trace "Date" as baselined. 
  • Clear: User can reload current version by clicking on this.
  • Show only Difference: User will be showed only changed workitems after the baseline.
  • Show All: User will be showed all workitems. This is default selection.
  1. New "Reload Button" next Query explorer to refresh the list of query - This required restart of visual studio before.
  2. Selecting work item reflects its selection in compare and export function.

BeeThink SpyDetector


BeeThink SpyDetector
BeeThink SpyDetector is a security software that detects and blocks unknown spyware, adware, Trojan horses and spybots. It monitors network activities in Real-Time. If you want to know where your computer communicates with, the "IP address look up" feature will tell you more. And you can block any network packet by means of setting firewall rules. BeeThink SpyDetector can also record each packet which passes through your computer, this feature is very important in case of collecting spyware tracks. By digging out these information, you can find out who is spying on you.


PerfectBrain Pro


PerfectBrain Pro
100 exercises for developing your brain in game form, they supplement speed reading training.
Multi-level system of training in the exercises.
Coach for achieving goals of abilities development.
Smart system of collecting and analysis of trainings statistics.
Results of the exercise performance in table and graph form.
Your best achievements will appear on the site of the program and will be able to compare them with the results of other users.
Ability to keep data in the "cloud storage", and many more things to provide comfortable and effective work with the trainer.

Zimbra Mail to PDF - 1 User


Zimbra Mail to PDF - 1 User
Tool to convert Zimbra mail to pdf file format in batch
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP




AES 256-bit disk encryption for Windows Embedded Compact/ Windows CE handhelds and its media cards. Safe, secure and convenient storage for all  important and business critical information. Prevents information leakage and ensures no data will get into wrong hands.


FastFox Typing Expander


FastFox Typing Expander
FastFox Text Expander is an easy to use typing expansion utility that can create and store keyboard shortcuts that, when pressed, will expand to lines of text.
FastFox allows the user to define keywords that become the shortcuts. When FastFox sees that a keyword has been typed by the user that keyword will then be replaced by the expanded text.
This shorthand software is ideal for people who are continually typing the same thing over and over. FastFox dramatically reduces the time spent typing.



~ Expands keyboard shortcuts like "QBF" into "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".
~ Works while you type in almost any program.
~ Unlimited number of shortcuts can be entered so you can store all the expressions you type regularly.
~ Unlimited length of expanded text.
~ Expanded text can be simple text or in rich text format.
~ Entire documents can be linked to a shortcut in rich text format.
~ Plays a soft audio tone when a keyword has been matched and replaced as audio feedback that you typed a shortcut.
~ Ability to import text from files or paste from the clipboard.
~ Simple and intuitive user interface for day-to-day operation.

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