12 сент. 2014 г.



EzPaste-xl2ppt is an Excel Add-in productivity tool intended for completely automating and managing the otherwise manual and somewhat tedious process of copying and pasting charts and tables from Excel to PowerPoint. 


EzPaste-xl2ppt identifies automatically all the objects (charts and named tables) in the active workbook. Main attributes:    

  * Complete control over the objects to be pasted
  * Complete control over the pasting order 
  * Paste to new slides or predefined slide numbers
  * Complete control over the positioning of the pasted objects on the slide
  * Paste as Pictures or as Microsoft editable Excel entities
  * Built-in utility for managing data-ranges to be pasted as tables
  * A title may be assigned to each object from EzPaste-xl2ppt
  * All the settings of a specific Excel file are saved within the XL file
  * Each selected object could be previewed in the main form
  * Paste also to a PDF file

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