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Keychain Recovery


Keychain Recovery
KeychainRecovery is a tool to recover the lost password of a .keychain file of a Mac operating system.

Most of the applications store the Login passwords and critical information to prevent hassale of entering the password everytime by the user. Often these applications use their own proprietary encryption mechanism to store the credentials.

But on Mac many applications use the keychain files for storing the username,passwords and sometime even other critical data.

Most often the users of Mac forget the master password of these keychain files, especially the “login.keychain”. KeychainRecovery helps these users to retrieve the lost master password of the keychain file.


KeychainRecovery comes with a user interface for helping the user enter the path to the keychain file.

By default KeychainRecovery uses system dictionary of Mac for retrieving the password.

Installing KeychainRecovery
Download the KeychainRecoveryInstaller.dmg
Open that dmg file.
Click on the file KeychainRecovery.pkg
The installation wizard opens.
Choose the appropriate location to install. By default it installs in the Applications folder.

Using KeychainRecoveryKeychainRecovery is easy to use with its simple GUI interface even for beginners.

Here are the brief usage details,

        Run the KeychainRecovery tool from its installed location. By default it is installed in the Applications folder. The filename is “KeychainRecovery.app”
        Enter the path to the kaychain file whose password is lost.
        Enter the path to the dictionary file which contains the words with which the master password is to be compared. By default KeychainRecovery uses the system word list at “/usr/share/dict/words”.
        Finally click on Start to begin the recovery process.

During recovery operation, you will see number of words tried and the last word compared in the no. of tries field. Once the master password is retrieved it is shown in the Keychain Password field.

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