27 нояб. 2014 г.

IKARUS easyFly4; Upgrade StarterEdition to FullVersion


IKARUS easyFly4; Upgrade StarterEdition to FullVersion
Upgrade easyFly4 StarterEdition to FullVersion
After buying this particel you will get a new productkey via mail. With this new key you can upgrade your existing easyFly4 SE to a FullVersion.
• 16 unique airfield sceneries
• 107 extremely detailed models, including aerobats, jets, trainers, helicopters
• Realistic scenery reflection from model surfaces
• Fully customizable fog and smoke simulation
• New lighting effects like sunlight reflections
• Glider sound
• Break-apart aircraft! Wings, landing gears and other parts may break apart during crashes or high G maneuvers
• Realistic wind simulation (the terrain shape is taken into account when computing wind, turbulences and thermals)
• Autorotation training
• Easy Plug and Play USB connection

• Selfextracting File with easyFly4 Software and instruction manual as PDF
(useable with each joystick!)


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