27 нояб. 2014 г.

aerofly FS - Full Version for Microsoft Windows


aerofly FS - Full Version for Microsoft Windows
Experience flight simulation in perfection! You will be impressed with the flight physic and graphics. Powered airplanes, jets and gliders are excessively detailed and offer stunning realism.
Jump into the cockpit and enjoy roaming the skies above wonderful Switzerland with its gorgeous mountains and deep valleys and master thrilling flight challenges.
Fulfill your dream of flying with the aeroflyFS

• All 8 aircraft are extremely detailed and feature accurately simulated flight performance
• Fly in a realistic environment with a resolution down to 40 in.
• Many interactive Flight Challenges
• Freely selectable wind, view, clouds and thermals
• It can be controlled by any joystick, game pad, key board or mouse
• Extremely detailed aircraft with RealSound-Technology
• Fully functional instruments in all cockpits
• Many special functions: Retracts, flaps and more
• Moving Map in the cockpit and inside an extra display window
• Autopilot function
• Winch start for gliders
• Many accessible airfields with hangars and buildings
• Perfectly simulated flight physic
• Interfaced with TrackIR (viewing angle and zoom controlled via head movement)
• Selfextracting File with aeroflyFS Software and instruction manual as PDF
(useable with each joystick!) 

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