17 нояб. 2014 г.

iEasyLab Mobi Transfer Pro


iEasyLab Mobi Transfer Pro
Powerful and easy-to-use software for managing your iPhone/iPad/iPod(iOS Device); Upgrade your new iPhone/iPad/iPod, Quickly migrate all data of the old iOS Device to the new iPhone/iPad/iPod; Freely transfer, Very easy to transfer between iOS Device and PC Folder, iTunes library or other iOS Device; Convenient to share with friends, Transfer iOS Device Music, Movies, Apps, iBooks to other iOS Device; Install applications without jailbreak, Easy to install Internet download or friends to share the Apps; Selection backup, Free to select the important content of iPhone/iPad/iPod, is not like iTunes backup of all; No jailbreak to install apps, No longer need to spend time to Appstore search, free installation; Visually browser, Visually browser the iOS Device files for your freedom of selection for transmission or delete. Supports iOS8.


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