18 окт. 2014 г.


WorkItem Baseline 2013
TFS work items are represented as Requirements, User Stories, Bugs and Test Cases. These software artifacts are changed daily by team members. Many times, team has questions

  • How many requirements did we commit before we started sprint?
  • What was the ranking of my backlog or requirements?
  • What was estimation looked like and where exactly we changed?
  • and many more...

This extension will allow you to go in previous milestone (baseline) that you marked and show the picture of history. If you miss to apply baseline, then this also allows you to go in history via date.




  1. Apply Baseline: Allow user to mark current version of workitems with user friendly baseline name. This applied baseline can be used to retrieve current version in future.
  2. Export to XML: User can export selected workitems information in XML file.    
  3. Export to csv(Excel): User can export selected workitems information in csv (Excel) file.    NEW
  4. Compare Workitem versions: User can compare baselined version of workitems with current version of workitems side by side.  NEW
  5. View Baseline: User can select any flat query and view old baselined workitems.
  • View By Baseline Name: User will have option to select baselines those are applied by user.
  • View By Date: If user did not mark old milestone with baseline then user can trace "Date" as baselined. 
  • Clear: User can reload current version by clicking on this.
  • Show only Difference: User will be showed only changed workitems after the baseline.
  • Show All: User will be showed all workitems. This is default selection.
  1. New "Reload Button" next Query explorer to refresh the list of query - This required restart of visual studio before.
  2. Selecting work item reflects its selection in compare and export function.

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