2 окт. 2014 г.

TaskForceCO2 1 Years Support and Updates Renewal - Single Site Licence.


TaskForceCO2 1 Years Support and Updates Renewal - Single Site Licence.
Everyone knows it doesn’t make sense to leave PCs on outside of working hours as electricity isn’t free.

Even a 100W PC can waste over £100 / $160 a year if it is never shut down so when lots of PCs are left on the cost is very significant.

Add to that the increased CO2 and the environmental effects and it’s even more important to get a system in place that doesn’t rely on human intervention or ineffective methods.
TaskForceCO2 lets you easily set up schemes to shut down PCs that are not being used at a specific time and automatically wake them up again too.
As anyone who has tried to set them up knows, conventional methods often fail due to device drivers getting in the way and are often complex to setup, messy and time consuming to maintain and modify.

WithTaskForceCO2 you get a straight forward, very flexible, simple method of deploying effective Power Management that starts saving money from day one!
TaskForceCO2 includes many extra power management features like:-
  1. Multiple power events per day
  2. Automatic and on-demand Wake (ideal for maintenance)
  3. Force PCs to shut down at a specific time
  4. Visible Shut down Warnings
  5. Repeat Tasks for PCs that get switched back on again
  6. Effective deployment of Hibernation
  7. Different schemes for different PCs
  8. Ability to group PCs by power management requirements
  9. Financial and CO2 reporting
  10. Exportable reports and much, much more.
Every organisation, be it a School, College, Business or Government department needs to put in place a solution to stop wastage from unused PCs and TaskForceCO2 is the choice of many to do just that.

 Key Features

Management Console
Intuitive Management console that lets you design and deploy multiple Power Schemes to your chosen PCs or Groups of PCs. Instantly install remote client and apply schemes or batch schedule scheme application. Wake on demand feature incorporated. Design any combination of Power Scheme from the console incorporating multiple Power events.

Reliability - works where conventional methods fail
No reliance on Windows Power schemes means third party products are unable to interfere with shut downs. Unlike conventional methods, device drivers and programs that do not finish properly will not get in the way of a successful shut down. Configurable Wake on Lan allows communication across network segments. Full support for Hibernate means you never have to worry about users losing work.

Flexibility - Multiple power events timed and time elapsed
TaskForceCO2 supports multiple Wake, Hibernate and Shut down events in each power scheme. Easy exclusions for groups such as servers or 24hr access PC's. Support multiple shutdowns and wake events in a day and different schedules on each day of the week. New optional Visible shutdown warning makes users aware of shutdown with hard wired 30 minute and 5 minute digital clock. Taskbar icon provides information on elapsed time and next scheduled power event.

Reporting - financial and CO2
The TaskForceCO2 dashboard feature gives you an at a glance picture of your average  Financial and CO2 savings.
Includes on screen or printable reports to cover time, power and CO2 used and saved. Includes Configurable power consumption rates, power usage costs and CO2 production rates. Export CSV data into MS-Excel or your favorite reporting program.

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT/2000, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003

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