29 окт. 2014 г.

K7 Ultimate Security 1PC 1Year


K7  Ultimate Security 1PC 1Year
K7 Ultimate Security provides complete PC protection with advanced Backup features.
The integrated Cloud based Web Protection makes your online browsing experiencesafer than ever. Your USB disks will be also safe with comprehensive DeviceControl always on alert, taking care of potential malware infections.
On top of this the intelligent firewall and spam filter are working in the backgroundsecuring all incoming and outgoing traffic of your computer. The additionalbackup feature lets you backup your important documents and files and restore them when needed.
K7 Ultimate Security fully protects your privacy and data, doesn’t slow down your computer and its unobtrusive nature lets you do your work without unnecessary interruptions.


Key features
K7Data Backup and Restore
K7Anti-Root kit
K7Zero day threat blocking
K7Host intrusion prevention    
K7Comprehensive Device control
K7Two way Firewall & IDS
K7Web Protection
K7Privacy & Parental Control
K7Extra security tools

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