11 июл. 2014 г.

Word Replacement


Word Replacement
Word Replacement Software provides students with the opportunity to form new sentences by replacing one word in the sentence with another word from a list of options. Only one of the options is valid, and the innovation in this product is that it does not tell you which word needs to be replaced, therefore the student has to try replacing each word in the sentence with the word options to see which one is valid, and in order to get the best score, you need to pick the correct word on the first attempt for each sentence. This software is aimed at primary or high school students and will be of interest to educators or teachers, parents, and children. It is a teaching resource software. When running the program there is comprehensive help available by pressing F1 from any screen. The Word Replacement software features sound and animations to make it more appealing to students. However it can be used without sound if desired by turning off the sound in the task bar of the PC. It also comes with "Word Replacement Editor" which allows editing of sentences and users. The editor makes it possible to create new sentences aimed at a particular level of ability of the student(s).
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista

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