7 июл. 2014 г.

Selaras Accounting


Selaras Accounting
SELARAS Accounting - The integrated accounting and business software for various needs, has comprehensive feature and functions, such as sales, purchases, inventory, cost management, financial controlling and reporting, payroll, product costing, employee costing, A/R, A/P, GL and other accounting and business functions, covered trade, services, manufacturing business and combination of them, powerful IFRS compliant accounting.


The advantages of Selaras Accounting :

Developed as the right business and accounting application for various companies , such as trade, services, manufacture or combines of them.
Easy to use , easy to manage the whole data when it comes to searching.
Has integrated modules as a unit of business and accounting system.
Uses inventory using FIFO and Average methods together.
Has cost management modules to keep an eye on the expenses / cost of the company.
Form and report has capable to exporting into various forms of file such as excel, word, web, and others.
Flexible, have many options to support business policy, such as sales pricing option, sales unit option, sales tax option, sales operational model,COD,credit,Order With Advance Payment, and others.
Contains many business letter templates, such as letter requesting the closing of a credit account, requesting payment of for an overdue account, a final reminder letter for an overdue payment, introduction letter to new clients, letters Requesting Payment Prior to delivery, and others.
Have advance user security management and user authorized.
Powerful IFRS Compliant Accounting Software.

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