22 июл. 2014 г.



VJMS(NAGA media server)Naga`s product package of streaming media system, consists of VJLive(Naga`s P2P Live broadcasting system), VJVoD(Naga`s P2P video on demand system), VJMIS(Naga`s media resources management system). It is played by VJPlayer series(Naga`s multiterminal player series ) .


VJLive, providing the stream distribution service for video/audio installed in server can quickly  transform an ordinary server into a high-powerful P2P Live broadcasting one.

VJVoD, offering the file distribution service for video/audio installed in server, can quickly set up a series of platform of video/audio on demand for clients by joint with a variety of media resources management system(This is to control video/audio resources covering dotting, screen-shot, trans-coding, uploading, etc.) , contents management system as well as the websites(containing such websites as interview, movie, blog, education, etc.)

CMS Offering the service of website construction. This fonction is optional but not sold separately.

VJMIS Records live stream as VOD stream for publishing when VOD is going on. This fonction is optional but not sold separately.


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