5 февр. 2015 г.

TexMind Braider Standard 3D


TexMind Braider Standard 3D
The software create 3D geometry of tubular braids, which can be exported in high quality jpeg or 3D format like VRML and STL for 3D printing.

This software allow you to create the 3D geometry of (currently) tubular braids in few seconds, to play with the yarn colours and the structure.
You can export the result as high quality picture, as STL or VRML for 3D printing or for use and calculations in CAD and FEM Software.
All operations are performed using the mouse. You can easyly select the braider type from the images or specifying the floathing length and the number of the yarns in a group directly.
The minimal machine configuration for your braid is as well printed in the summary report.
This product in its former version was used for generation of the pictures in the Book "Yordan Kyosev, Braiding technology for textiles, Woodhead publishing, 2014"
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista

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