23 февр. 2015 г.

OneNote Gem - Favorites


OneNote Gem - Favorites
OneNote Gem - Favorites is add-ins basically used for quick navigation for OneNote 2013 and 2010.

Add frequently-used pages to the favorite page tab, and click the button will jump to the page.
Add frequently-used sections to the favorite section tab, and click the button will jump to the section. 
Add frequently-used keywords to the favorite search tab, and click the button will search the keyword in notebooks. 
Using Keyword Tags, we can achieve an article belong to multiple categories (Tags).

We will find notebooks, sections and pages is so much when use OneNote to save contents a period of time. OneNote as browser favorites extended now also become a collection of the ocean.

Although the collected contents have classified depositing in OneNote, but use it still hard to find out our popular content immediately.

Therefore, OneNote as a collection of browser software also need a "Favorites".
Windows 7, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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