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Bodybuilder Advanced Tool Box


Bodybuilder Advanced Tool Box
Bodybuilder ATB is a software for your training, nutrition and supplementation
Bodybuilder Advanced Tool Box is the serious bodybuilder’s advanced toolbox with a lot of features and options. Countless workout routines, 9 diet systems, 7 macro ramps, Foodlog, Gymlog, Stats, Analytics and more.

Bodybuilder ATB is a highly effective tool you can use to optimize your training, nutrition and supplementation. So you can build muscle and get lean fast like a real pro!
The software program is a kind of laboratory that allows you to experiment with all aspects of your bodybuilding.
Bodybuilder’s main program features:
  1. Advanced scientific metabolic calculator!
  2. 9+1 sophisticated diet systems for cutting and bulking!
  3. Revolutionary meal planner for fast and precise diet creation!
  4. Nine food macro ramps for maximum GH/insulin control!
  5. 14 inbuilt workout routines, plus you can create your own!
  6. Training Journal with GymStat and AI functions!
  7. Exercise database, plus you can add your own exercises!
  8. Foodlog – diet plan diary with data!
  9. Bodybuilder’s food database, plus you can add your own foods!
  10. Complete analytics and stats!
  11. Extensive supplementation formulas, plus you can add your own!
The heart of the program is the calculator where you will find a wealth of options in terms of scientific algorithms and sophisticated diet systems.
How to create a perfect diet – To create a perfect bodybuilder diet you have the revolutionary meal planner at your disposal. The bodybuilding meal planner is flexible and powerful. You will be able to create your meals quickly and easily like a real pro.
The complete workout routines – Bodybuilder ATB already has several great workout routines available. But you can easily add your very own routines. When you log your workout data in the Journal, you will be able to view and analyze your progress via the GymStat.
Just like a personal trainer – To help you achieve faster results Bodybuilder ATB has an optional Wizard function. By entering and logging both your weight and body fat percentage on a weekly basis, the Wizard will provide you with advice regarding your training and nutrition. Just like a competent personal trainer making sure you reach your goals as fast as possible.
Who can use the program? – Bodybuilder ATB is a program created for you the serious bodybuilder, who already has a good understanding of exercise, nutrition and supplementation. But the program can of course be used by anyone (from beginner to advanced) who wants to transform his/her body through weight training, optimum diet and supplementation.
Is the program easy to use? Yes! Bodybuilder ATB is simple to use yet very powerful. To help you even more, I have created a complete video tutorial, that will take you through every step of the program.
System Requirements: PC running Windows XP,Vista,7 or 8. 40MB free HDD space. Monitor/screen with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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