27 окт. 2015 г.

Multi-Browser Viewer - Including 1 yr maintenance


Multi-Browser Viewer - Including 1 yr maintenance
Compare, Validate and Archive your web site in more than 60 Internet Browsers on 3 operating systems. Or browse your site using 41 standalone, virtualized browsers. Multi-Browser Viewer connects to a large network of machines and takes high quality, full page screenshots of a web page. The images are then downloaded and displayed on your local machine. Multi-Browser Viewer also has a built in HTML validator and auto-correct feature, to make it easy to resolve errors.

Multi-Browser Viewer: How it works:
1. Select the browsers that you would like to compare.
2. Specify the URL.
3. The application connects to the Multi-Browser Viewer Network and loads the URL on various machines, loaded with the different browser versions.
4. A full page screenshot of the URL is taken.
5. The screenshots are then downloaded and displayed locally in your application.
6. The full page screenshots, HTML source code and MHT file are all saved on the local machine in a time stamped folder so you can compare a site over time.
7. Use our HTML validation and HTML auto-correct feature to fix layout and other HTML errors.

For a full demonstration visit http://www.multibrowserviewer.com
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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