3 июл. 2015 г.

Ai, CDR templates Apple (iPhone, iPad) for cutting of skins for telephones and tablets

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Ai, CDR templates Apple (iPhone, iPad) for cutting of skins for telephones and tablets
This template can be used for the manufacture of vinyl skins on the brand Apple. Also from these templates you can make a templates for a protective film (not included) on the screen and on the body (not included). Template format Adobe Illustrator (ai) and CorelDRAW (cdr). The template can be used to cut any cutters. As a template, you can just print and cut the skins to the contour. Each model is also sold individually at the price of $10/model. To buy all the cutting schemes, go to the link.

list of models on website http://cdrtemplate.pp.ua/en/shop/cdr-templates-apple-cutting-skins-and-protective-films-telephones-and-tablets


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    1. 1) To buy all https://shopper.mycommerce.com/checkout/cart/add/54510-3?affiliate_id=385336

      2) individually at the price of $10/model => http://cdrtemplate.pp.ua/en/shop/cdr-templates-apple-cutting-skins-and-protective-films-telephones-and-tablets => Example (Choice iphone 5) => http://cdrtemplate.pp.ua/en/shop/download-template-iphone-5-skins-buy-cutter-ai-cdr => add to card => http://cdrtemplate.pp.ua/en/cart => CHECKOUT


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