28 авг. 2014 г.

RealSpeaker Unlimited


RealSpeaker Unlimited
RealSpeaker Audio-visual speech recognition
Version: 1.5 Build
Developer: RealSpeaker Lab.
Language of interface: Multilingual.
Type of license: With key.
Period of license: Unlimited time.


★ Enter text of any length with the voice and video without keyboard.
★ Use any text editor or website (Notes, Facebook, Skype, Evernote, E-mail, Microsoft Office etc.).
★ English, Deutch, French, Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Spain, Polish, Czech languages.
★ Some functions of voice navigation.
★ Automatic switch off capital letters.
Windows 7, Windows 8
====List of commands:====
delete word, delete two words, delete three words, delete four words, delete 5 words, delete all, delete paragraph, delete sentence, send, paragraph, new line, point, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, colon, semicolon, three dots, quote, opening bracket, closing bracket, dash,
You will receive information electronically immediately after ordering!

You can download demo version and try it for free:

Download free demo version here.

Important Note: you have to install the demo version before you try to get the full version key.
Please, click to "Download free demo version" link to install demo if you did not do that already.

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